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Freedom of speech only gets bandied about by the political minority and only as long as their disadvantage lasts. It's hardly a WaPo problem.

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They manufacture outrage, all news does. It gets them clicks, and somehow the advertisers are okay with a negative scenario. Then when they go broke they blame someone else. Imagine thinking bad news is good news bc it gets you out there, it's so dumb hahahahahha. Imagine being a peice of shit and thinking bc everyone thinks you suck your gonna make sales. It's literally the dumbest marketing ploy yet they still fall for it.

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It's a private company, get over it. Am I right?

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These fuckers just got struck by a bot, after youtube staff realize a far left propaganda channel was disadvantaged, they will give them a rimjob and a reach around.

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Oh you rape chldren, but i've heard of your name on media, lemme buy from you, hahahahahahha. The advertising company said i'd make sales though.... LOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL. The news media literally buying from scammers bc they can't even do news on scammers since they are paid by them.