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It's simple. If an effective treatment for covid exists, which it does in Ivermectin. Then there is no standing for Emergency Use Authorization of the mrna killer clot jab. So Ivermectin is being supressed and any and all data supporting it is being shut down. The powers that be are like spoiled little children that must have their way! Fuck them Ivermectin is an inexpensive, extremely safe, nobel prize winning drug that is effective against covid. Both in treatment and as a prophylaxis. If you can't get ivermectin look into quercitin as it's over the counter and similar to ivermectin. Fuck big pharma, and fuck their shills!

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It has been clear since at least the forged HCQ study (May, 2020) that it is more important for the influential people at the top of Biotech that competitors to their chosen treatment be suppressed (they were already working on the vaccines) than that the disease be treated. The lies being told to uphold treatments and strategies that are non-traditional and with no pre-covid safety/efficacy record are now legion. Fauci has explicitly told us he lies in order to achieve his ends. If the goal is not to treat covid and diminish suffering, what then is the goal?