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Midlife crisis, betting on the meme-train or just fed-up with his coworkers.

He wanted privatization so a lower price can get him other partners.

Or he wants to point out the media-hype related actions of his investors (talking the privatization good).

The Rogan show, though underwhelming, was showing a pretty normal guy who only took a toke.

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Midlife crisis is typically driven by a lack of accomplishment, and regrets about life choices.
Not something I'd attribute to Musk.
Could be the media hype to drive the company in the private direction. It's easier to accomplish the long term goal when quarterly profits affect investor confidence.

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the guy has been working 120 hour weeks for years now. He's probably burnt out.

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Especially after all the media drama of the last couple weeks with the thai rescue stuff

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If the stock goes lower he can buy it up and be in total control.

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I'm looking for a downward tend. The product is excellent.

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I think that is what Elon is looking for also. I have never had a hero, but after reading about his life I now have one. My only fear is that he will tire of us mere mortals and go into hiding.

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If Tesla wanted to do a stock buyback or had investors lined up to take the company private (at a lower price) I guess it would make sense. But I don't think he's doing this... on Rogan he was selling as big as ever, "It's not a car, it's happiness" and all of that shit. If he was constantly talking about production delays then I'd give more merit to this theory.

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Everyone knows he has production delays.
If he was deliberately acting crazy and knocking Tesla he'd permanently ruin his reputation.
SpaceX would be screwed, too.
I'm suspicious about his motives...

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If he was deliberately acting crazy and knocking Tesla he'd permanently ruin his reputation.

So you think he's knocking on the downlow, that's interesting.

I'm suspicious about his motives...

Same, lots of weird stuff going on. It's probably all ambien related.

How about this, the JRE weed smoking podcast was cover for the Chief Accounting Officer resigning a month into the job over SEC concerns. The podcast was PR with foreknowledge.

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This makes the most sense to me. Then with the timing the media can only spin it as "They're quitting because of the JRE interview" and the whole thailand twitter ordeal is folded nicely in to the past. Which Joe also never mentioned or brought up in the whole 2.5 hours...

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A). Knocking on the up and up would be unwise.
B) Ambien is generally wacky night time antics.
C). Maybe not a cover. CAO could be overstressed, or have been packed by a recruiter. Possible convenient timing. There are numerous reasonable factors that could cause someone to quit.

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Another theory is he's trying to subtly discourage short time speculators, so they sell their stock, or don't purchase it at all. Short term investors are unstable and can wreak havoc on long term goals.