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Pull out any CIA, mercenaries and stop all military and financial support. That is not a war for the US to be involved in. Get out. And the US can certainly use the billions spent there. No more money or blood for this boondoggle of the military industrial complex.

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The rest of the world ought to wake up to the fact. When there are people with American and British accents in their countries they are most likely CIA and MI6 and they are not there for friendly reasons.

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You know what? This isn’t even surprising. If the entire western world can freely send volunteer fighters without risking turning this into a Russia-NATO conflict, why wouldn’t the US sneak some CIA agents in there with them?

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The CIA has been heavily involved in Ukraine and all the former Soviet states ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The war in Bosnia was orchestrated by the CIA.

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I don't think this is a new or surprising admission. It's good for American taxpayers that their tax funded intelligence about where Russian assets are located, is put into the right hands - and not just supplying but the CIA are also gathering intelligence: about new drone-led ways of war, about the cyber campaigns, and to verify that western support is going to the right places rather than embezzlement.

I don't doubt the Russians were making identical contacts with the afghans and iraqis and north Vietnamese during America's campaigns there - it's within the rules of proxy warfare that were established over the last 60 years, so I wouldn't worry about russian retaliation really.

It's great to see the Americans get to put their military and intelligent to work destroying russians without spilling a drop of American blood. If Russia win here then Moldova, Georgia, Taiwan and the baltics will be next, and the lights of free market democracy will start to switch off all around the world, until America gets frozen out of Imperial Preference trade networks again just like the 1800s, broke and impotent. So Slava Ukraine and god bless the USA

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Uh, this is neo-conservatism.

The same neocon thinking that led us into Iraq based on lies. How many Ukraine lies have been exposed so far?

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How many Ukraine lies have been exposed so far?

Quite a lot. They lied when the Russians said they were just doing exercises around Ukraine's harbours - actually they were placing mines. They lied when the Russians said they were just on the borders in February for exercises - actually Biden and Johnson were right, an invasion was about to happen. They lied when they said that Ukrainians shot down Flight 17, or that the GRU agents were in Salisbury to look at the cathedral. So yeah they were caught in a lot of lies recently.

I was against the war in Iraq and everything I wrote is true so I don't know what you're on about really

ETA - a few more lies they were caught telling

  • they said the LNR/DNR leaders were locals but we later learned that Igor girkin works for the FSB

  • they said the Kramatorsk train station attack was done by Ukraine but we saw the missile casing was one from Russia's armoury

  • they said LNR/DNR were being genocided by Ukraine but denied access to observers from UNHCR, osce, EU, CoE bodies and all the world's free media since 2014

  • last night, like literally last night 25th June 22, they said they were firing missiles at Ukraine's decision centres but they actually targeted a kindergarten and a housing block

They're liars

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Good to know you're on the side of the US government. If there's an institution known for its honesty when starting wars I don't know a better one.

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Bruh I already wrote, "Slava Ukraine and god bless America". I am not on the government's side, I am on the side of traditional American free market, free speech values, which Russia have attacked over and over again since 1917 and before. Both UA and US are putting their tools and sweat to work destroying rapist orcs - it's fantastic and exciting to see. If you really claim to support the orcs over freedom values, then you're lying

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LOL America isn't under attack. This is yet another distant land full of people we couldn't care less about, and the government is lying to us to get us to support a war. Hunter Biden is up to his eyeballs in Ukraine corruption, which is well-known. The only winners will be Raytheon and McDonnell-Douglas.

Why you speakin' some weird fuckin' foreign language? Been fooled by foreigners into backing their interests over our own? America isn't under attack. There's no need to start a new war. It will be run by the same generals who lost all of the other wars we started.

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American values are under attack and America stands up for it's values, period. If you don't like living in the same world as the free USA, go live on a different planet.

If you just want to take the 100% selfish view, go look at why Woodrow Wilson joined world war 1. He knew that if the west lost the war, America would be frozen out of all the world's coming trade blocs, they'd be alone with noone to sell Fords and pineapples to. If the west loses today, America's world will get smaller and smaller (with no Taiwanese microchips to play video games on to pass the time).

I don't care about your Biden conspiracy theories, all I care about is watching Putin's new world order come crumbling down around him as America and traditional western values win the 21st century.

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We've had a decade of looking at images like this. If it's so important, go pick up a rifle and get out there.

We're sick of war. The idea of kids, just young American kids going to war for Europe when it won't even pick up and spend the money to arm itself is even more sickening to me now than ever. The same voices that screeched for us to invade Iraq are the ones that want a new war in Ukraine now.

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I don't care who was in favour of Iraq war and what they're saying now. Maybe you should pay less attention to those people if you think they're "screeching". And I have no idea about the image you linked or what point it's supposed to make.

Americans aren't heading to war in Europe and they aren't going to. The CIA are there doing just normal CIA things. So I don't know what you're complaining about. American weapons were designed to destroy orcish rapists and now they're fulfilling their purpose without spilling a drop of American blood - it's fantastic, you should be happy that American boys are safe and sound, because you wrote about how sick of war you are.

Hey maybe if you're sick of war you should direct that sickness towards the genocidal orc rampage. Today they blew up a supermarket with ~1000 people inside, but you're not angry at them? Maybe the anger you feel at warmongers would be better directed at the facists mongering a war right now - almost suspicious how they don't earn a single drop of your ire, yet you pretend you're anti-war. And you wrote about all the lies -

How many Ukraine lies have been exposed so far?

Why aren't you annoyed at all the warmongering lies I posted above? Doesn't it annoy you when the government lies to start a war? If so aren't you pissed off with the facists right now?

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We're supposed to get angry with the people the US government is telling us to get angry with? How stupid do you think we are?

The US government is the world's largest mass murderer. They killed 500,000 children in Iraq - before the war started. Here's Madeline Albright (a Jew) making a full confession on video:

Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it."

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The American values that are under attack are the ones that support infiltrating other countries to create, fund and train terrorists to wage civil wars in those countries.

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Did...did you intend for this to be a description of LNR/DNR? Is this a 5-head comment. Because you're describing what happened to crimea and transnistria and Abkhazia with the infiltration and funding terrorist civil war. Those particular values don't need America's patronage. So are you in favour of USA and russia doing that - what you describe with the infiltrating and the civil warring - or are you against it? Is it ok when america and russia do it, or is it not ok for them to do? Because your post reads both ways

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Im talking about funding, arming, training Azov neo-nazis in Ukraine, MEK terrorists in Libya, ISIS terrorists in Syria, SDG in Bosnia, Mujahideen in Afghansistan, IRA terrorists in N.Ireland, RUF in Sierra Leone, NPFL in Liberia etc etc.

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And Mexico is chock full of Russian FSB and GRU, so what? Both the US and Russia will take every possible opportunity to knock the other down. Russia over-extended itself and put its military into a bad position in Ukraine, of course the US is going to try to exacerbate the pain. Don't think Russia wasn't doing the same thing via its proxies in Iran with the US in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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As a US citizen, I am so tired of this country involving it self in other countries but getting mad when other countries do the same thing. Fucking bully mentality and the USA is absolutely going to be the next cause of the next World War.

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’m an entirely crowdfunded writer, so if you want to help support my weird little operation here my Patreon is here, my Paypal is here, and my Ko-Fi is here. My books can be found here.

This is not a news site. It's one guys opinion. I hate posts like this from bullshit sites that just present their own opinion, as if it were a fact. Sites like this are bullshit intended to reap viewers who already believe this bullshit. It's not a place to get facts. Total bullshit.

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Sure, let's punch down on the little guy. Good job there! If you're not being're a sucker to do this for free.

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punch down on the little guy.

You mean expose Fake News?