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Yeah. No. You are off by a factor of ten.

To begin with, the world suffers 151,000 deaths of all causes per day. Going off the 2016 numbers, the leading cause of death is cardiovascular disease. It kills about 48,000 people a day. Cancers are #2. They kill about half that. Respiratory diseases come in at #3. We lose 9,500 a day to that.

Starvation, death from hunger, is more complex. "Protein-energy Malnutrition"is the 20th largest killer. It takes about 310,000 lives a year. "Malnutrition,"is about #17 on the list. It kills 370,000 people a year. Taken together we get 680,000 deaths per year from the two. That is to say the two forms of starvation comes in at #15, just behind homicide as a killer.

So, 680,000/365 =1,850 or so deaths caused directly by malnutrition/day. You seem to have misplaced a decimal.

But, as I said, it is complex. Malnutrition weakens the body, especially of the young. Many people die of other causes because they were too weakened by hunger to fight off another infection.

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See Tom_B's comment to understand the point of my post...

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I would have thought the point was you did your sums wrong.

Now go over to s/lists and upvote something.

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I didn't do any sums, I referenced the data set that is the same data set everyone is following for COVID. Not saying it's correct, saying it's in the same data source.

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So you posted it, but you did not say it was correct?

So why then did you post it?

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No I said I didn't do the math myself! Geez! I have no more idea if this data is correct than you know it isn't. We cannot know this.

What I"m saying is I used the same source for the hunger data that the majority of the population uses for the COVID data. That's all I meant, crikey.

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Good morning,

So at this point are you saying about twenty thousand people die of starvation a day or more like two thousand?

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The source I quoted, which provides links, (and I understand you are unable to look at it from your location) calculates it as 22,600 + per day. Edited for typo

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The argument that everything is bullshit therefore I can use bullshit to make my argument is bullshit. Some bullshits are bullshittier than others. Your particular bullshit is even stacked on more bullshit. You have a bullshit conclusion about population control stacked on clearly bullshit numbers stacked a bullshit implication that absolute death counts are all that matter.

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Well, my post wasn't about population control, it was about the ongoing pandemic of world hunger.

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Indeed it does seem I have mischaracterized your stack of bullshit; I apologize. All this shit looks the same to me.