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I unfortunately rarely have an opinion on these sort of things, but I had AI cook up one, maybe it will get the ball rolling.

First of all, what do you mean by Good and de-Good? How do you define and measure them? Are they objective or subjective? Universal or relative? Do they depend on the context and the consequences? Do they align with the values and interests of all the stakeholders involved?

Secondly, how do you identify and distinguish the things that hi-jack Good (de-Good) from the things that re-store Good (re-Good)? How do you know which ones you can control or have a say in, and which ones you cannot? How do you deal with the uncertainty and complexity of the real world, where things are often interconnected, interdependent, and unpredictable?

Thirdly, how do you ensure that your actions to re-Good are effective, efficient, and ethical? How do you avoid unintended or negative side effects, trade-offs, or conflicts? How do you balance the short-term and long-term outcomes, the individual and collective benefits, and the local and global impacts?

Finally, how do you communicate and collaborate with others who may have different views, values, and visions of Good? How do you respect and appreciate the diversity and plurality of human experiences and expressions? How do you foster a culture of dialogue, empathy, and solidarity, rather than division, antagonism, and isolation?

I think these are some of the questions and challenges that we need to address if we want to make a positive difference in the world. I believe that we need to be humble, curious, and open-minded, rather than dogmatic, arrogant, and closed-off. I believe that we need to be critical, creative, and compassionate, rather than naive, simplistic, and indifferent. I believe that we need to be realistic, pragmatic, and responsible, rather than idealistic, utopian, and reckless.

Therefore, I would say that I prefer neither de-Good nor re-Good, but rather co-Good: working together with others to co-create, co-learn, and co-evolve a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. What do you think?

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In a nutshell:
Good = people free from usurpation / not shackled
de-Good = hi-jack Good = people shackled/usurped
re-Good = restore Good = people unshackled/protected from usurpation


Therefore, I would say that I prefer neither de-Good nor re-Good

Your AI probably didn't/couldn't read the links (incl. to video & graphic) provided nor capable of making the necessary connections
As such, you would have to actually go over the post and the links yourself