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I wish I knew what you were saying.

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Was that really only 5 days ago?

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a brigade ensued, and a lot of people left very unhappy and upset while they pretended they were LEEROOOOY MMJENNKINSSSS!!!!

No - not at all what happened.

10 Saiditors commented on the turtle tax, and 3 Saiditors were particularly annoyed, noting how insulting it is and how moderators apply it for obviously frivolous reasons, to attack people who disagree with the WatB hive mind, and the shelled users assume it's a permanent penalty, and thus shelled users do one of two things:

1) Leave (because they don't want to be insulted with the 'I like turtles' tag that identifies them as hated users)

2) Stay on WatB because they have absolutely no self respect.

As we've discussed at length, Inuma, the standard practice is a temporary ban (noting a week or a month), rather than this permanent shelling insult against a user who merely does not agree. (Yes, you note that it's not permanent, but the new user who is shelled is not told that (another example of very bad management). WatB has dwindled from 90,000 subscribers to Saidit's 45 WatB subscribers, half of which are active, partially because of these insults, and also because WatB is mostly devoted to spreading misinformation, as we've seen for years.) Hope this brings people up to date. There was no brigading, by any stretch of the imagination.

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10 Saiditors commented on the turtle tax, and 3 Saiditors were particularly annoyed


So you're saying that this whole tempest-in-a-teapot of "S/WotB must be removed from s/all" was because THREE PEOPLE pitched a bitch about The Turtle? And those three were less than 25% of the "saiditors" (I'll get back to that in a minute) who said anything at all?

I'm also curious as to how many of the alleged "gang of thirteen" were actually you, but I'd probably never get a believable answer to that.

There were probably more than 13 people discussing this particular issue, but it sounds like a hefty percentage of them, you for some reason do not count as "saiditors." Sounds like a No True Saiditer Fallacy to add to your previous one. Or ones.

BTW, it says on your profile page "Saiditter for 1 year." With an E.
Not that I would expect correct spelling from you.....

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You want to hear something amazing? I've been on Saidit longer.

I've had the account two years. We helped build it and one of the archives by Penelope is in the links above from a goddamn YEAR ago.

And how long has WotB been on Saidit? Five. Goddamn. Years.

We're one of the oldest communities that has opted to tell people to grow here. We can grow with or without everyone else which is what makes these accusations so amazing.

Everyone keeps thinking that they're on the high end of the totem pole and WotB has already gone much higher.

Like, Patrick Lancaster comes to WotB BECAUSE we treated him right and were talking about the Donbas.

Tulsi Gabbard had an AMA at Way BECAUSE some in the community told her how we cared about her getting her message out.

How many of the Saiditors reach out of their little bubble to connect with people and know Jose Vargas after he called out AOC?

It's just mind blowing the arrogance that these people have with their worlds so closed.

Talk about small outreach... I told Zapped a while back that they do really piss poor diplomacy because eventually, those chickens are going to come home to roost. They're going to be stagnant while WotB:Saidit Edition is going to blow all their subs out of the water.

No one to blame but themselves.

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If they had awards here, I'd give you one for this comment. Go get 'em, tiger.

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You want to hear something amazing? I've been on Saidit longer.

I was just pointing out yet another of their spelling errors......

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how moderators apply it for obviously frivolous reasons, to attack people who disagree with the WatB hive mind

Not at all, on either count. The fact you say that says a lot about you.

We all bring our personal lens to what we see and how we interpret it.

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You can just tell he didn't read the entire thing, nor look at any of the links, nor even listen to anything written.

He'd already had his conclusion before getting ANY of the facts and this entire thing is about one incident HERE instead of how the Turtle Tax allows all trolls to be a part of the community even if they're odious...


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SMDH + eyeroll

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Dude, it's a hyperbolic statement meant to be humorous right along with posts to shells and the Luigi Death Stare and Nuts vs Guts music video about getting kicked in the dick and boots to the cooch.


And the shortened version of Way of the Bern is WotB, not WatB.

Goddamn man...

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the shortened version of Way of the Bern is WotB

😮 Well, darn it. All this time, I've been capitalizing the "T". WoTB.

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Well, most people shorten it because they don't "Feel THE Bern" after bernie put out his fire. So you're good.

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Well one thing that I do have to give credit to BootyBoy for....

His misnomer did lead to a name which may be even better than the original one:
We ARE The Bern.

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bootylicious: You posted this in bad faith?

Thought he said for you not to talk to him.

I wonder if the Master of Free Speech over there is gonna try to get this post removed.

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You posted this in bad faith?

I'm just adding to your comments. Happy to help. No big deal.

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That's pretty disingenuous even for you when you can't grasp humor and intentionally create obtuse reaches as you do.

But hey, you do you.

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meant to be humorous

if it's not funny, you can't blame anyone for assuming you're trying to post in good faith.

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Not my fault you impacted your funny bone. Nor my fault you reach for conclusions that are perfectly illogical.

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That one does not appear to be too bright.....

WatB has dwindled from 90,000 subscribers to Saidit's 45 WatB subscribers

<looks at sidebar, sees "19,804 readers"> [Edit, 10 minutes later: 19,805]
I remember seeing, on June 13th of this year, 19,750 "readers" here. (We have archives) Do the math.

They recently claimed to have been a member of "r/WatB" from way back, and the sub ain't what it used to be. And they never saw a Turtle in all that time that they were (allegedly) there.
They offered no proof of this (as ones who make such a claim almost never do.)

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Years ago, Saidit recorded every visitor to a sub by referring to that visitor as a 'reader', adding up to 40k readers over the years for some subs. There have been 19,805 individual visitors to WatB since its creation years ago. And as you correctly note, there have been 54 total readers at WatB since 13 June (15 of whom are currently here).

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    Were? I'm pretty sure that's a steady-state.

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    Continually doubling down on a series of mistaken assertions

    Is it actually "doubling down" or is it "making the pile higher"?

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    /s/WayOfTheBern: Feel the Bern! 19,805 subscribers, a community for 5 years

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    Saidit recorded every visitor to a sub by referring to that visitor as a 'reader'

    If that is going on now, that it is measuring a total of people who have been here.....
    How is it that the numbers can go down?

    I can think of much better uses for a time machine.....

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    I don't know

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    I don't know

    Most honest thing you've said in this whole thread.

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    Years ago, Saidit recorded every visitor to a sub by referring to that visitor as a 'reader'

    Hmm. That would mean that if I went in through a "private window," Saidit would see me as a "new visitor" and the numbers would go up, right?

    (That is checkable)

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    Well. Communication has been breached, which means the block suggested by The Butthurt One was not done.
    Good to know.

    So... how does one get to the actual numbers of people subscribed to a sub?

    and while I'm at it....

    • How many comments were made in all of Saidit in the past 24 hours?
    • How many comments were made in just the subs in s/all in the past 24 hours?
    • How many comments were made in s/WotB in the past 24 hours?

    Also, you mean to tell me that in the past about five years, there have only been fewer than 50,000 people who have even looked at Saidti?? And that almost half of those looked at s/WOTB??

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    I did find this: -- 100th most recent comment: 4 hours ago. -- 100th most recent comment: 8 hours ago.
    (if one wishes to verify, use an incognito window -- some subs you are subbed to will be included in the /all list)

    IIRC, WotB's estimated 300 comments/day are not included in s/all's estimated 600 comments/day.

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    I asked him to validate his statement and he left in a huff in telling me to leave him alone too.

    So sure, I'll leave him alone. The topic is there, he doesn't know the in jokes, the people, he comes to inane conclusions, and merely speaks as if he's our Lord and Master instead of understanding the Church of Katakuri

    All I can do is pray for him.

    In the name of the Mama...

    The Second Son...

    And the holy... DOOOOOOONUTS!!!!

    (This man needs their guidance...)


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    telling me to leave him alone too.

    I said it then; I'll say it now... Welp, so much for Free Speech.

    Also, by his "reckoning" another "third" of the "no brigading, by any stretch of the imagination" suggested to his third of the "no brigading, by any stretch of the imagination" that he block me.

    If he did, since this is Saidit/"oldReddit", I still have the Free Speech to have my words seen by others. Just not him. I don't see that as a loss.

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    When the shelled came crying about "censorship" and "echo chambers" the question I often asked them that, to date, have I never gotten a reply to was, "Which subs do it better?"

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    Trolls used to add Saabs to the community :-)

    Yep, I'm old.

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    Agree that there is little value in being in an echo chamber, protected from opposing points of view. But gawd some of these trolls can be annoying. And many of them are professionals, trained to be disruptive by our friendly letter agencies who use them to disrupt communities they want to control or repress.

    So thank you to the mods for wading through all this bullshit. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

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    professionals, trained to be disruptive by our friendly letter agencies who use them to disrupt communities they want to control or repress.

    ...and when suddenly their "magic words of disruption" stop working, they lose their shit and go running off to Mommy, because somebody's not playing fair.

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    That's a big part of their training. Provoke some sort of reaction, usually in a concerted fashion, then run off to mods/admin to complain and get the forum shut down.

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    Oh man, Active Measures did that a LOT.

    They eventually had to lick their wounds and realize the place was NEVER going to bend to them. The locals loved toying with them, the mods kept having fun, and eventually they got called out for being hypocrites and really only grumbled and groused in THEIR corner when the embarrassment got too much.

    They thought they could get the bots on us, well, those got Turtled... Then they thought they could stalk other people around Reddit... Well, there's rules against that... Oh, their next best idea? Run into the sub at the same time and get told to do X... Well that's brigading. So now, all they can do is claim we're right wingers while they get less clout.

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      can/will be removed if the miscreant straightens up and flies right

      I'm making an informed guess that that is going to chafe even more with the "free-speech" absolutists currently railing against the turtle.

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      There has been a HUGE BSOD from them because they don't have conformity in some regard.

      This is one of the biggest things to occur for a damn near cultural crisis point. It's just as found in the sidebar... Disagreement kills compliance

      Like, for a hot minute I was wondering why that was but the troll yelling about the turtle gave it away...

      If THIS gets popular here, they gotta change how they do things. A ban means you fire up your alt account and don't do what was ban worthy in the first place. A turtle means you can still contribute but that feeling of pride and accomplishment is gone because all you gotta do is write the dreaded words on the chalkboard.

      What is basically happening is a fear of the unknown as they've never experienced anything but Eye of Sauron moderation. And training people out of that takes time so we'll see how this goes in the future.

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      Added to the sidebar under "Background reading".

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      By the way, Wrongthing jpeg is no longer up. Might as well change it to a Youtube video instead of the picture. I don't know how a lot of sites feel about hotlinking.

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      I just screencapped from the video and archived that because linking directly to the image in didn't cut it (either it turned up an empty page or required you to attest you were over 18 to see it). I'm sure it can be worked out but I just don't have the patience to deal with it right now.

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      In providing for the Turtle Tax, there's a far larger issue going on that I only hinted at here. I have to do a bit more research, but consider this a look at the Turtle and how trolls can add to a community with their presence.