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The title is truth

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i remember in 2008 reddit was like a revelation that others "think like me"... then the deepstateshit cia noticed and started the domestic internet guerrilla war against american citizens... guerilla wars are political wars with face to face propaganda indoctrination exchanges being the main weapon with a goal of replacing the countries culture (as per cia manuals).....and now we know why the cia office was the first visit for donald trump after being elected president!!!

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reddit is far liberal globalist left now anyone right of that gets removed from the front page, banned and quarentined

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Would prefer that to far right any day tbh.

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Right is always right.

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Thinking that you are always correct is a jewish conspiracy.

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FACT: Jews win Nobel prizes much more often than goyim.

FACT: Einstein was a plagiarizing fraud, and did not invent E=MC2.

SUMMARY: Reddit sucks dick.

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FACT: Einstein was a plagiarizing fraud, and did not invent E=MC2.

Yea, he invented the theory of relativity.

FACT: Jews win Nobel prizes much more often than goyim.

Thats why jews are superior to arians, you silly goyim.

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He did not invent shit, you hebe-o-phile.

And it's spelled 'Aryans', dumbass.

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Who gives a shit how its spelled. Its not like we are going by an actual facts here sweetie.

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Oh sweaty, you just need to take more showers, then girls will like you!

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typical kike shill using dismissive language to demoralize. kvetch harder

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Cope harder silly goyim.

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Go back to reddit faggot

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Make me, faggot.

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oh noes what about muh homophobic hate speecks

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What about it?

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why do dumbfucks like you act as if any flavor of authoritarianism/censorship is preferrable to another? it's bad, it's usually leftists that are so ashamed of buttfucking and eating feces they want to attack core internet infrastructure so they don't get called faggots online

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why do dumbfucks like you act as if any flavor of authoritarianism/censorship is preferrable to another

If i was prefering anything i wouldnt be here, dipshit.

But in the case of ethnostate LARPers vs trigger happy SJWs i'd rather prefer the second one. Because the second one isnt known for shooting people up and their ideology is less bullshit and isnt based on animal fear of other kind.

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typical projecting jew. shooters are usually atheists or satanists on pharmaceutical mood regulating drugs. leftists are the only ones pushing to censor cuz they're the animals in fear

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Wtf man, dont call those people satanists. Actual satanists are nice people.

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nah satanists rape children nice try tho

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Have you seen Satan's tweeter? How can people that follow such a nice guy rape children?

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Imagine thinking SJWs coming to power is a good thing. I hope you're not a white man friendo, because we'll be first to go. Some of these people are genuine psychopaths and them coming to power will be dangerous to all of us. Never being told you are wrong has extreme consequences.

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I hope you're not a white man friendo, because we'll be first to go.

I am and im also immune to fear mongering.

Some of these people are genuine psychopaths and them coming to power will be dangerous to all of us.

"Some" isnt really an exact number, isnt it?

Never being told you are wrong has extreme consequences.

True. But most of the people are actually centrists. And even if they do somehow succeed in turning the mainstream culture into a complete SJW culture this culture wont stay for long thanks to the spirit of rebellious youth.

No cultural concept that doesnt make a perfect sense stays forever.

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True. At least the left gives gibs to us poor people.

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Wouldn't you rather have job opportunities and business opportunities?

All day I keep hearing from leftists about their college debt and how it should be "free". Meanwhile the only reason their debt is a problem is that they can't find a job. And they have been tricked into thinking that the solution to their problem is socialism which will destroy job growth (which they need) in exchange for schooling for all (which they already have and is useless). It is so fucking absurd it hurts.

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far left gets hated on the most, that tells me it is correct and best. dnc rigged their primary against bernie so conservadem hillary could run against trump, either way the rich got a conservative president that lowers their taxes and bails out wall st

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by your logic child rapists are awesome cuz they're hated so hard. you're a braindead faggot.

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that is bad use of the logic it would fit if there was some child rapist election that had to rig their primary so a child rapist could win . . . then maybe the guy that lost isn't really a child rapist and would have won because he was a good guy so they had to rig it

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that is bad use of the logic

There is not bad use, just bad logic.

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They are now banning users who were subscribed to banned subs.

Reddit really, really sucks. My 8-year-old account is dead and it wasn't even posting in any of those newly-banned subs.

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r/nflstreams now essentially banned at Reddit. The mods moved of site.

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Today was my last day on Faggit. THREE accounts banned in the last few days for 'violence', when NOTHING I posted was.




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for 'violence', when NOTHING I posted was

that's the delusion of the deranged sodomite. there is no truth, everything is subjective, and words that hurt their feels 'are' violence

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I was just saying that 2008 was my favorite Reddit year lol

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if jesus was alive now, he would be banned from the internet for speaking truth to power.

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not exactly. he'd be banned from sites controlled by leftist, sabbatean-frankist child rapists

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all the popular platforms are controlled... and theres no such thing as leftt and right.

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and all the popular platforms are run by leftist, sabbatean-frankist child rapists. you're not totally wrong on the left/right thing but it depends what you mean. if left/right is based on morality, i see no religious ppl aside from muslims trying to censor, yet on the moral left the degenerate sodomite feces eaters get rock hard throbbing cocks for censorship.

generally speaking the right wants to live their life and be left alone, and the left wants to force their degeneracy on others and censor/control

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hey i'm not totaly wrong.... :D

today will be a good day.

i pity anyone who falls for the left/right thing tho....

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well r u denying that sites that started censoring also promote politics that are the politics of the left? racism obsession, identity politics, fake anti-fascism, unlimited immigration/end of national sovereignty.

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its my opinion that left and right are created by those in power. and its those in power who are in control of the censorship we are experiencing.

beware binary options such as left/right they are created by them to lead you off track. they always controll both sides.

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i already said you're partially correct but you're the one being ignorant, not me. just because the left/right dialectic is manufactured doesn't mean there's no difference between those who fall into that system. keep pretending it isn't leftist aligned sites that are responsible for the recent (past few years) push for internet censorship niggerbrain

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its not left vs right! its haves vs have nots...

they hide who is really doing it, so us plebs keep fighting each other and not them.

case in point.... your comments fighting your fellows rather than the system. time to grow up kiddo. :D

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    But, 2019 Reddit did ban 2008 Reddit... Subs from 2008 were banned. :P- - -

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    I spent three decades of Sundays studying white supremacists and Holocaust deniers (but I repeat myself)

    My reading room had three walls of bookshelves filled with pamphlets, brochures, flyers, handouts, meeting minutes, law enforcement records liberated under FOIA, small-press books, videocassettes, CD's, audio cassettes, and hardbacks, put out by everyone from the KKK to Richard Spencer. I've written software to trace the evolution of their shitty anti-culture from post-Weimar Lutheranism in Western Europe and the propaganda forgeries of post-Czarist Russia to the discussion boards of Stormfront and Reddit.

    The criteria I use for running a ban-bot against a subreddit is that the subreddit has to be clearly organised around a principle of violating one or more of the Reddit Content Policies.

    Reddit has begun taking much more swift action against such subreddits when they're reported, and has overhauled their enforcement policies so that subreddits that are created or repurposed to re-create the purpose of a banned subreddit that violated the Content Policies, is itself classed as Ban Evasion, and those subreddits are shuttered promptly as well.

    Other subreddits run a banbot because they reasonably believe that i.e. neoNazis aren't going to be able to treat African-American people with humanity and dignity.

    I do use a tool that scrapes the activity in a variety of large hatred-oriented subreddits, and tags the user accounts (down to linking to the comment or post) --

    So that I have a way to gauge the Ethos of someone's engagement in a subreddit thread.

    According to Aristotle, there are three categories of ethos:

    phronesis – useful skills & wisdom
    arete – virtue, goodwill
    eunoia – goodwill towards the audience

    In a sense, ethos does not belong to the speaker but to the audience. Thus, it is the audience that determines whether a speaker is a high- or a low-ethos speaker.

    Violations of ethos include:

    The speaker has a direct interest in the outcome of the debate (e.g. a person pleading innocence of a crime);
    The speaker has a vested interest or ulterior motive in the outcome of the debate;
    The speaker has no expertise (e.g. a lawyer giving a speech on space flight is less convincing than an astronaut giving the same speech).

    Tier 0 of the diagramme I linked earlier? That's all stuff that can be easily handled by AutoModerator -- it's all cliche's and tropes and stock phrases and slurs.

    Tier 1? That's a little harder for AutoModerator to pick up; There are certain shibboleths that betray certain stock fallacies -- because many times, someone using the fallacy is just repeating some media personality who is selling them a pseudosalve for their psychic dysfunction, and they just blindly reuse it.

    But a lot of times, fallacies are deeply integrated into someone's worldview, and they'll platform them in their own words.

    That requires an assessment of their Ethos to do it.

    Criticism of tone - Tier 2 - is also something that AutoModerator excels at, because a huge swath of the corpus of the Criticism of Tone is also Thought-Terminating Cliche's -- idioms used to label and dismiss. But, again -- people will integrate them and put them into their own words, and knowing that they come from a particular culture that exists specifically for the purpose of systematically reducing other human beings into labels and boxes to dismiss their concerns -- that's important.

    (And yes, some of the audience is right now reflexively twitching towards "But YOU have a list of labels that YOU use to reflexively dismiss ..." -- I have a list of behaviours that typify the forms taken by a culture of belittling and disenfranchisement and violation of boundaries and consent.)

    Tier 3, the Flat Contradiction or Assertion, is a time-waster -- it's just a slapping of the bell on the counter, demanding "One Argument, Please" -- and understanding whether someone will be going up if provided good-faith engagement, or descending down if given attention, is an important part of moderating a discussion. If someone is heavily involved in a culture that emphasises "Ignore their consent and rules, and offend them as much as possible until you're kicked out" -- then we go straight to the "you're kicked out" part.

    /r/conspiracy is a deeply racist subreddit -- but also attracts a lot of people who want to argue with the racists and kooks therein, or who get sucked in by actual real concerns that are labelled "conspiracy theories" by one "authority" or another.

    Earlier I mentioned Ethos -- so you should understand mine:

    I'm a retired Computer Scientist; I have a Master's in English. I worked for a PR firm for a decade before I retired.

    This? How people communicate and carry out community on the Internet? is literally my field of expertise.

    I'm also a transgender woman.

    So I'm seen by a significant section of the bad-faith users - the bigots - as some kind of "traitor" - because they believe that the things I know, the skills I have, the body I inhabit ... that these somehow belong, in some way, to them.

    And they believe that of every other transgender person - that their bodies, and minds, and loyalties, and reproductive capabilities -- that these bigots have some authority to make a claim on them.

    And they behave in a way that says that, if they can't control a thing, they destroy that thing.

    And assuredly, they see us transgender people as "things" -- as tokens and objects and subhuman.

    That attitude is endemic to the culture of /r/MGTOW, and of /r/KotakuInAction, and many other longstanding subreddits.

    It's unconscionable to ask someone to just put up with the torrent of abuse, for the sake of the occasional pure-hearted soul who just was participating in a misguided fashion.

    It's not my burden to fix people who believe they own me.

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    Read the comments here to see what discussion on reddit is like in current year. Fucking dumpster fire

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    It's dying pretty fast now thankfully, the tides are turning. I wonder what % of their traffic is fake at this point, and who is really funding them to keep it afloat.

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    THAT IS THE FUCKING TRUTH. and my real names not tobey. Hello Saidit.