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The LGBTqAXyZ person in that story complaining that it wasn’t sincere was hilarious. It is proof that nothing is good enough and any attempt to accommodate is ignored. It’s not limited to the LGBTQiCXUTUV, the race grifters do it too. It seems to be a feature of all the critical social justice movements, demand change but when some effort is made, declare it either not enough or demand more.

It really triggers my oppositional defiance.

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All those people just want something to be offended about, they have a mindset that if they aren't offended then they aren't a good person fighting for justice. It's what they've been taught their entire life. It doesn't matter what you do for them, they'll find a way to say it's not enough because their worldview requires them to do that. Being offended overrides any other thought process, including any critical thinking or rationality that might tell them if something is actually a good thing or not.

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Well, also the fact that "part of getting what you want means positioning yourself as the victim at all times. No matter how much you get or how much the tables have turned, you are ALWAYS the downtrodden victim who needs justice."

Make no mistake, they could change things to the point their 'majority' is being put in concentration camps, and they'll just say "Look how much privilege these people have in society. THEY get a nice quick death in the concentration camps while WE have to live through the climate change they created!"

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It seems to be a feature of all the critical social justice movements, demand change but when some effort is made, declare it either not enough or demand more.

Well, of course it is: People are so busy trying to change for the benefit of being a good person they don't realize there's a lot of people who see "I'm willing to change for you to get better treatment" as "Now I know you'll change for me so I'm going to demand everything from you because you'll cave if I threaten to call you a bigot otherwise."

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they even invented a clever "your resistance is only proof you need to be educated"

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"Until society stops labeling people as strictly male or female, equality will never be reached."

The "Educate yourself, sex and gender are different" line has always been in bad faith. The trans movement is about allowing people to exit their sex, not to differentiate between sex and gender. This is important because sex is significant and gender identity is meaningless.

They don't just want to stop you from saying "men in women's prisons. Saying "males in women's prisons" or "males in women's sports" will always be countered by accusations of transphobia. You're not supposed to be allowed to verbalize your justified objections, you're just supposed to capitulate.