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Ryan Dawson has gone through hell being censored.

In his interview with the Halsey News Network "Radio Free America (Episode 268): Social Censorship" (2019-03-04) at around 1:40:00 they discuss who he's ruled out and the solution he goes with now. He finally set up a paywall through Cleeng after trying Muvi and Wistia and other stuff.

  • Cleeng - - Cleeng is a company based in the Netherlands that does nothing but payment processing. Subscriber Retention Management™ Designed For OTT. Most advanced APIs for maximum modularity and OTT efficiency. "Cleeng Core enables you to build a comprehensive OTT video platform and manages all aspects of subscriber management for you. Cleeng Core consists of identity and access management [IAM], product entitlement, customer service, subscriber billing and advanced analytics functionalities." See also:

  • Muvi -

  • Wistia -

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