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Pretty ironic /u/Privacy_Advocate_ wanting to bury unfavorable content but calling a lack of porn censorship.

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Downvote brigading is a means of censorship and it does happen on Reddit. Now no one has to play that game, and we can focus on finding insightful and fun content. If you strongly disagree, say it with a comment.

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I found the lack of ability to upvote and downvote things weird to start with, but now I really take a moment to go "was this insightful? was this funny, or should it just be left alone?"

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Oh no. If Saidit doesn't allow porn, wherever will I find titillating images or videos on the internet? They're so rare as to be impossible to locate.

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huh? you think reddits voting system is better than here??? u gotta be trolling.....

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The issue with the downvote button on Reddit was that it was being misused to disagree with anything that wasn't in line with the site's hive mind. Without it people are now either able to discuss and disagree with counter-arguements or ignore it completely. The restriction of adult porn was created to prevent child porn and other concerning content from being posted, so it doesn't jeopardize the website.