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You can fuck right off.

You lured me into your story of trying to help with the /s/HolocaustSkepticism by inserting yourself unnecessarily in drama where you shouldn't have been not knowing anything about the matter, and to further add insult to injury you fucking locked the sub so that I can't even un-mod myself with a fucking /s/TINFOILHAT in the corner - as if it's a fucking conspiracy.

Half of that is my fault as I mistook shit-disturber OmegaUser296 for the good Optimus85 as I wasn't paying attention, and to be honest I'd forgotten about your CSS and jailbreak sub in limbo.

For the record I'm not up to date on everything that's happened since, much less checking my messages.

I'll address my shit when I get to it, when I feel like it. There's not much fucking point though is there. Regardless, keep your nose in your own shit.

So, ya. You can fuck right off twerp.