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It's still being improved. We're going to add the functionality so the number changes right when you push the button. The javascript for that is surprisingly complicated but we'll figure it out it out soon, it's near the top of our "to do" list.

I saw you didn't like the smiley face to represent "funny". What would you suggest in its place? If you've got a better alternative, we'd definitely consider it.

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No problem. I think the standard up vs. down is a good voting system. Why complicate the simplicity? I could be wrong : )

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Up/down does have its charm, but it's a way to differentiate ourselves from reddit, as well as use a voting system slashdot has had great success with. Plus having two types of upvotes cultivates a more positive and information-rich approach to voting, rather than just simply "good or bad". And posts can still be reported for breaking the rules or whatever if you feel it doesn't fit on the site, which takes the place of flagging bad content.

We're going to try it out, I know it's a big change, but I really think it will be a good thing in the long run. Just imagine if 5 years from now when the site is being flooded with memes like reddit was... you can simply "filter by insightful" and remove all the funny stuff to get the real news. I think that's a huge benefit in the long term, to protect the intelligent posts from being overwhelmed by the funny posts, which seems to be a trap many social media sites get caught in that eventually leads to their downfall.

Anyway, that's our reasoning behind the change. I think it'll be great once we iron out all the minor kinks. Just give it a little time. :)