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Nope, not from scratch, this is Reddit circa 2014 or 2015

We have added a lot of features and fixed up the sham of a codebase that can be found at that link.

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Oh that's awesome! I didn't realize Reddit used to be open source. I'm glad the old code is being used for a good cause. :)

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They put that Reddit horsemeat to good use! ;-)

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They sure did lol.

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Me too. When we started I was shocked that no one else was also using this codebase. I think a few sites have over the years, but none have survived.

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It's especially weird because whatever board software 4chan uses is used by several different communities. The Reddit codebase on the other hand, I've never seen used up until I discovered this site. Even the alternatives that came before this didn't bother with it. It's all around quite strange. But hey! It's getting put to good use now. That's all that matters.

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from my perspective, it's probably because it's using a deprecated python framework and a weird html templating language that comes with it. i would guess that people creating the other alternatives wanted to use a stack they were more familiar with. in my opinion, having a site that looks like our old reddit is worth it though.

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I think you're on the $. The stack itself is probably more complicated than people want to deal with too- 2 dbs, custom query caching for one, memcached, rabbitMQ and many things implemented as OS services. And some stuff in C.

But for all of that hassle our wimpy single server happily chugs along.

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yea, i agree it's really snappy. crazy it's only one server and runs this well.

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That makes sense. And yeah, you are absolutely right. The old design somehow feels much better in terms of functionality & customization compared to the Redesign. It's kinda unfortunate about the framework/templating.