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Are these paid or something?

Yes; shills are very common on the Internet — especially when it comes to product reviews. Most the reviews on Amazon are written by shills from India. Sometimes the company selling the product will purchase their own stuff and send it to a random address so their shills can get the "Verified Purchase" label.

On Social Media, shills are used to manipulate the narrative to be pro-establishment. They make a bunch of comments on a bunch of alt accounts saying the same things (I've seen a few screenshots posted on here of that) and then attack anyone who disagrees with them. There's also a lot of shills who post spam and meaningless garbage to bury anti-establishment conversations.

When I was a SaidIt admin, there was this one shill (you probably won't know him, but his username was u/loki88) who was using a bunch of alt accounts to spam advertisements (they all had the same IP address). There was another shill (u/ILoveCher, he's still active under different usernames) who likes to spam pornography and incomprehensible ramblings.

According to a post I saw a while back (I think u/Jesus posted it, but I might be wrong): shills are paid more if you interact with their comment in any way, which includes likes, replies, etc. so you should just ignore them and report their posts, if they break any rules.

Most of the Internet is fake. Trust no one.

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Yes, that was me. You'll know a shill by their fruits. Don't argue, even in good faith, simply block them. The more you argue the more they get paid. That isn't to say that people cannot disagree with your views, because many will take this advice and use it to label anyone who disagrees with their views shills but shills and their fallacies are easy to spot. Again, you'll know them by their fruits.

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That idiot ilovecher was all over ruqqus too before ruqqus went full zogbot and deleted all posts and guilds critical of Jews. Claimed it was for inciting violence but 99.99% of the "offensive" posts were articles that simply criticized them. The few posts that advocated violence were shills not alt+right or Nazis or any other establishment boogie men the media invents.

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The few posts that advocated violence were shills not alt+right or Nazis or any other establishment boogie men the media invents.

That's the general rule I use on SaidIt. If someone's advocating violence: they're probably a shill and should be avoided.

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Are these paid or something?

They can be. Instagram, I don't use, but the statistics are likely representative of all social media.

  • A single day’s worth of posts tagged #sponsored or #ad on Instagram contained over 50 percent fake engagements, according to data from anti-fraud company Sway Ops.
  • Out of 118,007 comments, only 20,942 were not made by bot followers.
  • Sway found that more than 15 percent of influencers who sign on to do sponsored posts (and take the product associated with it) never create a post.
  • Bot comments are responsible for over 40 percent of total comments for over 500 of 2,000 sponsored posts made each day, per Sway.
  • Pods remain a problem as well: Sway’s recent research found that out of 2,000 posts, an average of only 36 sponsored posts made per day contained no Instagram pod activity, fake comments, fake likes or uneven ratios of bot followers to engagements.

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Everything is paid! Pepsi - It's What's Next

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It doesn't take much to own a forum, and the popular ones were always that way. Maybe they just aren't hiding as much as they used to.

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I think your right they aren't hiding it as much as they used to. They are throwing their masks away while telling us to wear ours 24/7 because of a few coughs.

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Or consider maybe that your "several good questions" aren't that good or interesting.

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How has the internet become only social media platforms? Find some new sites my friend the internet can be a very uplifting place minus social media. Better yet, put the phone down, go outside and find the answers yourself.

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That's just Reddit.

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There's are active groups that flag content to censor it. Censorship is done with bot programs and thresholds that can be easily reached with a network of dirt bags. No human intervention needed to review the content just enough flags on the same video, post or comment to get it shadow banned or deleted. The Jewish internet defense force does this online with an app that all the members use to receive instructions on where to go and how to flag it on the net. That group is not interested in any rational intellectual discussions. They don't care and refuse all criticism of Jewish behavior, zionism or Israel.