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Math is pure force. Physics till today denies an humanly understandably domain without higher math.

So you get my gist here.Nature is neither 100 % devisable nor made to be humanely explorable OR exploitable.

Nature empties itself to extinct invasive organisms. There wasn't and never will be a sword needed to accept this simple fact.

Only simple organism need weapons. Logic and mind are able to understand without further reasoning.

Because simple organism are always born while higher organisms mainly spend their time on how to extinct themselves.

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Nature is neither 100 % devisable nor made

Despite the potential of human ingenuity we are fundamentally limited in our understanding of our place in the cosmos.

Nature was not "made" by God - existentially it simply is. Same as Math. "Pure force" has nothing to do with it.

The rest makes no sense.

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I really like you as a person.

So do me a favor. Just look at the picture.

And btw. math is the "pure" force, maybe just because i get paid, wherever i go.

I don't need weapons or swords. I just need people like you.


And a pencil maybe, given.

You don't need more.

That is why we are alike. You are extrovert, i mostly hate my own code. That doesn't imply i never sold my magic.

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Confusing nonsense and woo. Stop posing as an intellectual/wizard and just be one. I thought we were getting somewhere.

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As i told you: Spells take time.

You aint't degrading no character here other than your own.

So stop.

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Just try to get your old "coolness" or "attitude" back. I have no problem with this and i also know this takes time, sometimes even feels like ages.

But you doin what ain't your style ? Yeah. I sense this very clearly.

I am not judging here.

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You're full of shit.