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This guy: I could tell stories, i was told personally about him you statistically wouldn't believe. :)

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Do tell.

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He deeply hated his first prof for not taking him seriously and tried something with the girlfriend of his first prof (i would need to dig after the name of this guy that i don't remember, bc. im 11 years out of the university where i was told this).

Can you imagine deriving this kind of really fresh theory and other ppl. in your profession tell you basically to fuck off?

I would have burned the fkn building down, if i had been walking in his shoes.

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Truth is not always welcomed. It's not new.

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I took a course on quantum physics, honestly never made sense to me, barely passed.

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It doesn't make sense in a classical sense. Look at this one: , its the third one.

If you wanna reread into it. Imo its the best one till today.

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Calc 3 harder, specially vector fields and tripple integrals, will do test soon

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aced calc 3. Felt calc 2 was harder but still easier than quantum physics. Math just makes sense. I think they just make shit up with quantum.

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I think quant difficulty really depends on the teacher and the amount of statistics required as a prerequisite. Also useful to know a fair bit of chemistry and material science. But yeah, not the easiest subject out there.

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You gotta pick your most favorite poison: If you already ate math for the most parts you can have one good laugh after another with your prof in quantum physics about some ppl. not getting it that well :) . You can even call out the "classical" physicists as numbnuts bc. of their questionable "use" and assumptions (in statistical mechanics, e.g. also) in stochastic methods.

And measure theory imo is actually easy once you understood the concept of zero-measure sets in different measures thoroughly.

The integration part then is hard again bc. integration is an form of art. I often refer to this one in this: .

The Russians were and are the big wizards of so many integrals and function theory that i stopped counting them and just look them up, if maple ( doesn't solve them fast enough or the solution seems irrational or "too" complex to write down or understand.

Above that there are numeric methods which i just wrote here as a reminder, if you really can't find a closed, beautiful enough solution.

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Is python any good for numerical analysis? They tell me to take a python course for it...

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Python is good for anything, as long as it isn't too deep or too complex. I'd go with for it, but its almost the same anyways.

If they emphasize you should take the course, take it.

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wish i could find love like he did.