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After I do some stuff and feel more whimsical I may accept your mod invite to add a blurb, then un-mod again. (Feel free to edit it as you see fit thereafter.) In that lighter mode I'll also share some lists of sub ideas, and/or sub projects. I have enough for one post a day for at least a couple weeks - or a couple years if I didn't use lists.

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Alright. It's hard to say when or if the sub will gain any popularity. Site traffic has been low as of late, and the sub would need to be promoted itself. Bit of an irony, needing to promote a sub about promoting subs, in a sub somewhere.... I assume you have an overall vision for the look of it, and I have zero experience in working with templates. Speaking of a couple of years, it might just take that long for a sub of this nature to gain any traction. But do we even want popularity for it? I assume it would be for promoting current subs, as well as brainstorming potentials subs. Is that correct?