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Wait what the fuck?! I must be reading this wrong, so the FBI is saying conspiracy theorists are a threat or “terrorists” because they might uncover actual real crimes/conspiracies of high level government officials? What the actual fuck is our country becoming?

The logical next step is naming QAnon domestic terrorists.

The idea of 'conspiracy theory' is so vague as to be useless.

Is it a 'conspiracy theory' to say that opioid manufacturers paid doctors to distribute their pills?

Sure it is. It's also true

Theories haven't been proven, but everything is just a theory until it is proven.

Seeing extended family members get sucked into the conspiracy theory vortex has been my greatest source of anxiety over the past few years. It is a dangerous sign of the mental collapse of a society.

No shit. People figuring out 9/11 was an inside job is going to create chaos. Calling that 'domestic terrorism' is a new level of orwellian bullshit. The bastards.

My younger, conspiracy theorist self would have thought "Oh, OF COURSE the FBI would say that!"

But now that I'm not a conspiracy-believing teenager, I see how /r/conspiracy has been taken over by alt-right 4chaner white supremacists and I recognize that this is a huge problem. We used to just talk about perpetual motion machines and UFO's, and how the government was covering up their existence. I no longer believe any of that stuff, but those were better times for the internet.

White supremacy is the new domestic terrorist threat and it should be acknowledged as such. As far as conspiracy theories go, we may live in a time where they have a right wing flavor, but left-wing conspiracy theorist have also been around for a long time and often came out of the aftermath of failed FBI and CIA programs that targeted left-wing activist groups. So, pardon me, but I don't trust the FBI to talk about conspiracies farther than I can throw them.

It's interesting how they choose to abstract from different kinds of terrorism.

An Arab Muslim right-wing conspiracy theorist commits a terrorist act: "Islamic extremism."

An American white-nationalist right-wing conspiracy theorist commits a terrorist act: "Conspiracy theory-driven extremism."

Really makes you think...

The FBI said another factor driving the intensity of this threat is “the uncovering of real conspiracies or cover-ups involving illegal, harmful, or unconstitutional activities by government officials or leading political figures.” The FBI does not specify which political leaders or which cover-ups it was referring to.

"Yeah we got caught doing illegal things and covering them up but you can believe us when we say THESE conspiracies are fake."

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Vigte's sick of this shit!. ;-)