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Think about how insane all of this is. A Norwegian and A Japanese oil tanker were supposedly “attacked.” Yet neither the governments of Norway nor of Japan are calling for war or attacks 🧐🧐.

An attack on Japanese oil tankers by Iran at this exact moment especially makes no sense at all. It would make perfect sense for the Saudis/Mossad to try and disrupt these talks on the other hand.

Also from the video footage the US has released it seems the "limpet mine" was several meters above the waterline. That is a totally ridiculous and idiotic place to put a limpet, they're meant to be attached below the waterline, where they.. you know.. can't be seen easily and investigated. Absolutely something fishy about this whole thing. I agree that it's most likely the Saudis or Mossad as they would have the most to gain from the attack whilst Iran has nothing to gain.

It does not make any sense that Iran would attack a Japanese oil carrier the same day that the Japanese PM was in Tehran to try and negotiate a peaceful resolution to their stand-off with Saudi/the US. The only motive someone would have to carry out this attack would be to scuttle talks. Why does this seem so..... familiar...

wasnt this another similar thing?

If Iran could recover the bomb and prove the US/Israel/Saudi Arabia was involved in a frameup, then we just attacked Norway and Japan.

Lul. The rich start the wars they don’t fight them. 😂

Gulf of tonkin part 2. Petrol bogaloo.

After the first, "our crew members made evasive manoeuvres but three hours later it was hit again," he said Thursday.

Drones then...


UK General says "no that's not happening"


Japanese company says US is wrong

Who do CIA and Mossad employ these days? Fucking amateurs can't even do a proper false flag operation any-more.

They see half the picture. We see half the picture. By our powers combined, we might actually discover - the truth. (shocked face)

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My concern - with "normies waking the fuck up" is ACTUALLY quite terrifying.

What if.

They are turning EVERYONE into conspiracy theorists, one way or another.

They KNOW everyone is pissed about AT LEAST one thing these days - they're running out of innocent people to fuck over.

So... what if...

They are turning everyone into conspiracy theorists, to begin the downfall of current governments (due to public anger) because they are ready to start pushing some new form of government? It will SEEM utopian, it will FEEL right, but I think we all know, it's going to be a trick.

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As an extension to this line of though - I have been wondering about all the "anti-establishment" themes in recent films, video games, etc. (links are timestamped for your convenience)

Well, I think the reason is becoming obvious.