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The Australia mods just told me which comments were the offending ones. Here they are:

Let's just turn Australia in to Somalia and skip the middle man, eh?

Also they tried that in South Africa. It isn't going so well.

Then the other one they cited is:

That's what Sweden thought too, now they have "no-go" zones and regular stabbings, and the police are too afraid of appearing racist to do anything about it. It's very sad for the people who just want a good quality of life.

edit: Why the downvotes? Facts running against a mainstream narrative so they have to be hidden? Sorry for the wrongthink

then the mods muted me so I can't respond. Fucking Kafkaesque. Are these comments really bigoted? I don't think so. I think they're making valid points about the dangers of over-immigration. Being banned for bigotry when I'm just stating my opinion and backing it up with facts, is extremely frustrating. But I know it's just because I went against their narrative. And this is why reddit will soon be ruined.

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