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Also free advertising, literally every news media outlet is talking about reddit right now.

Yet so few are actually talking about reddit alternatives, and how to actually leave the reddit plantation.

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That's because they're all talk. No one is going to leave reddit, even if third party apps get banned, they are too far gone into addiction.

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I think some people who a 3rd party app is their only access point, might leave for good, especially if they're already on the edge of leaving.

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Especially since said people use 3rd party app's accessibility features that the Reddit app doesn't have.

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Unfortunately that only cleans house and eliminates the kind of users reddit doesn't want participating.

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That's me!

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That’s the funny part. They’re all screaming at Spez for calling this a minor hiccup, but, tbh, it is. It’s barely a protest because you told them you’d be back. Not in a week, not when Spez did the right thing, but in two days. Spez ain’t stupid, he knows there won’t be an exodus, because they can’t go a full week without their fix.

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If I can get that same fix on here, I absolutely will.

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Kajiit has wares if you have coin. Lol

Honestly I like this place better because I’m not trying to find a topic before so many people have spammed memes and one-liners that I’ll never be heard. I feel like I’m having a conversation, and I think that’s much better than shouting into the void on Reddit where commenting on a thread after the first minute is pointless.

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While that would be quite clever, my experience with them is that they simply aren't that clever.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

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I don't know, man, how many billion is your coming IPO going to make? I'll tell you IPO...what does IPO stand for again?

...what if we launder the money?

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This one day blackout might just be a temporary protest for some people but on July 1st or 31st or whatever all third-party apps are dead, Reddit is already dead to me. I'm never going back.

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If it's being led by /r/defaultmods, that's almost certainly the case. Because the admins are in on that.

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I'm still waiting for my site-wide ban.

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I've been IP banned like 5 times in the last several years.

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IP bans fascinate me. Whereas I've experienced Reddit banning my username then I just go and make another username with a different email address, I have definitely experienced an IP ban from one particular redditor who I knew in real life and he apparently didn't like that I was interacting with him on Reddit so every username I've ever had would not let me interact with him on Reddit anymore. That was interesting to me. And I am curious how that works. He is tech savvy, so do you suppose HE banned my IP? Or did he request Reddit to ban my IP against him?

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Hmm that's curious. Usually the admins do it and you can't interact with anyone at all. I'd say he just blocked you but if new accounts couldn't interact with him either it would point to him blocking your IP.

Hmmmmmm curious indeed

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He might be reporting you every time.

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Hmm this was over 2 years ago but I mean I couldn't even put in his username to search for him. It came back with error message every time from each of my accounts I searched from. That's not something he could have ever seen or reported me for.

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Same, and they've gone as far as changing the passwords to some of my accounts.

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I don't know. Getting your site taken over like this is terrible advertising for the upcoming IPO.

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The ones in charge are going to get a lot richer with the IPO, and this move will likely make them more money than they'll lose by alienating 3rd party apps.

Additionally, while we're focusing on the negative aspects off this, the most troublesome bots likely favor the API, and this will at least make the bot owners throw additional funds towards their cause. Probably wishful thinking on my part, as Reddit would probably advertise more if they cared to kill the troublesome bots.

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Who cares Reddit is cancer. We should collectively stop thinking about it.

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This man is living in 2123

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    reddit founders will move on to something else. Aaron Swartz moved on?

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      Swartz has been removed

      You can say that again

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      After looking into it more, I doubt the mods are involved. They actually seem to be teaming up with us on this one. Even most of the default subreddits are closed, some possibly for good. So unless they're putting on a very elaborate act, which I don't think most of them are smart enough to do, this is purely the admins.

      This might be the point where the admins have deemed the mod cabal no longer necessary, and now they're being lined up against the wall with the rest of us. Actually, that makes sense. For the past couple of years they've been purging the cabal of all but the most elite members.

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      we won't know for sure. gpt does a lot of damage to reddit so decentralization looks more promising now.

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      This has happened before, remember those North Korean hacks? The main site has gone offline from time to time in order to get back differently.