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Are the GPS cords just where his IP matches to, I'm guessing? Still, not cool.

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I always thought this funny.

Antifa = Anti-Fascist

Climate Change = Cliamte doesn't change.

They use Non Sequiturs and change the meaning of words to mean there opposites. It's okay to be anti-fascist but then you have agent provocoteurs within that movement.

And again, Climate Change is a hoax, nonsense.

Climate changes everyday. It's such a dumb word to use.

Why not Corproate polluion, mass deforestation projects, etc.

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Well Jesus, because if they actually address what the roots of the environmental problems are they kill the gold laying goose (which is taxation for existing).

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imagine being a transgender reddit mod

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I thought that was the only requirement?

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literally can't

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classic reddit.

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this was just a buisness move for reddit

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This is sad. Everybody who knows about the original/real Antifa, which was a German and Italian punk youth thing, and there was a lot of crazy shit going in Germany and Italy during the cold war, security services in Italy especially, bombing the general public and then saying so and so in the many Social-Democrat down to Communist parties in Italy were blamed for massacres they did not commit.

That American antifa isn't linked to those European real antifa, they started this shit out of nowhere, stealing ideas. The anti-Bush movement was much more efficient and I thought Dubya would never be surpassed as most heinous and hated US President, but at that point, I think economic hardships is causing these people to act irrationally and controlled by cold insane people. I'd say the same goes for the gayest named supposedly far right "Proud Boys" and other wannabe brownshirts.

It's really annoying for a Canadian to witness all this insanity in the world, especially a country we used to look up to in the 80's and 90's when I was a kid, considered moving there even in 2000, I got a great-great-great-grandfather who was born in Salem, MA, so I thought it was in my blood, but man, I know why I barely go to forums anywhere at all these days, this place seems alright though, been a long time I was sick of Reddit...then Voat showed up but turned into a Stormfront reddit clone. I like how most people here seem pretty jacked into reality still, though.

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hi there, saiditor for two hours!

antifa goes way back to the weimar republic. the cold war and especially the punks occurred a bit later in the 20th century

i think eu/us antifa is connected at the highest levels.

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Yeah....the Red Brigades (communists) were blamed for atrocious bombings conducted by the State (Italian secret services/GLADIO NATO agents) made to be blamed on the people who just want real justice. NATO wasn't gonna have another European country break off itself and have a social-democratic state with both good things that can happen with touches of socialism and capitalism and democracy, ie not another Sweden or Switzerland and back then France who had deserted NATO from 67 to, unfortunately joining back in 2009 and since then creating quite the havoc (Libya was pushed for invasion by France at the start, Sarkozy's corruption was exploding and his taking money from Gaddafi coming out) and now their ex colony of Syria is being given a treatment even worse than Iraq.

The Red Brigades did almost nothing they were accused of doing, the neo-fascist paramilitaries in Italy being propped up big time instead.

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source for any of this?

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Look up Tom Secker's, he brings up the story of Gladio. It was admitted and there was a huge case in Italy about NATO "stay-behind" paramilitaries to prevent any sort of social-democracy/socialism/communism in Western Europe. In 1990 it was admitted in the Italian parliament, the murder by far-right paramilitaries of Arduro Morro (not sure exactly of his name), Prime Minister of Italy in the early 80's. Just use duckduckgo and look up NATO Operation Gladio Italy, you'll find a bunch of documented stuff, I mean it even made mainstream news in Europe at the time, if that's your barometer for sources.

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okay rings the bell, aldo moro. i had an italian guest once and asked him about aldo moro and he said they killed him because he managed to reconcile the opposing italian factions.