Does anyone else agree that Trump's executive order banning criticism of the state of Isreal is literally TREASON?! by Tom_Bombadil in USIsrael

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On the basis that he is indeed infringing the 1st amendment, prohibition of criticism of anything including another state yes he is treasonous. He lost me when he changed the embassy to Jerusalem and declared it the capital of Israel

While everyone was distracted with gun bans, VA dems are also busy making their super majority permanent and doing the same for the electoral college. This is what tyranny looks like. by useless_aether in USPolitics

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You think that you are the good guy here but you are being mean and frankly behaving like the assholes you probably hated in the past. This stuff is wrong and deep inside of you you know it. You just can't accept it and grow this part of the ideology that was indoctrinated in all of us as we grew up.

Non-White Births To Be Majority In America In 2020 by REDISCOM in news

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Yes they are. People should be assigned to positions for their abilities not for their race. That is just handicapping one ethnicity against another and saying that they're equally capable to manage the job. Take it like this. Give handicap in sports were one race is better than the other and see if it's equally competitive or fun to even watch. The one that has the best advantage (due to his/her genes and training) will have to triple the amount of work that she or he has to do in order to catch up.

On a side note, from a totally evolutionary point of view it might prove even more beneficial to the unhandicapped race given that only the best of the best can succeed and if they are lucky enough they will reproduce and have maybe even better offspring.

Mods on Reddit just changed a guy's flair to his GPS coordinates because he made fun of Antifa by useless_aether in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Well Jesus, because if they actually address what the roots of the environmental problems are they kill the gold laying goose (which is taxation for existing).

New York governor signs bill decriminalizing marijuana use by [deleted] in cannabis

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Almost 10 years ago this was good news and still is, just that everyone is expecting this and not celebrated as it used to be

The Land of The Free by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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This is old but not less true for that

Any other old Diggers from The Great Exodus of 2010 forced to migrate once again? by thegreatmighty in Introductions

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That's the thing I like about voat, you can write whatever you want and say whatever you want without feeling that you are going to be censored, I cannot say the same about saidit unfortunately. I lurk here just to see what other people are thinking since voat it's still pretty biased towards anything the left has to say (considering that I leaned more to that side in other years, thinking perhaps that it was a right path towards freedom, silly from me to think like that)

Any other old Diggers from The Great Exodus of 2010 forced to migrate once again? by thegreatmighty in Introductions

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I believe this too, although i really like the roughness of voat more than I can admit, here feels like pre 2015 or 2014 reddit somehow