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which distro(s)?

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My mother have tried several Linux distributions over the years, where she started out with Ubuntu (I think it was Ubuntu), then turned to Linux Mint, and then eventually landing on Debian, which she has been a very happy user of for many years now.

My mother-in-law got Linux Mint installed and has only used that.

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Thanks. Like an idiot i read the title without clicking the link.

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I like these paragraphs about Gaming on Linux. Its true, you're kind of not meant to:

Gaming is another problem on Linux. It's not that it is not possible to game on Linux, but very few games are being made for Linux. And this is a major problem, because it is an evil circle. The big game developing companies don't want to support Linux because it has a very small market share, and NVIDIAs driver support for the GPU is not on par with their Windows version (NVIDIA is a company that truly deserves to be completely boycotted). And gamers wont play games on Linux because, well, there isn't too many native games.

And no, Proton and Wine is NOT the solution, they are a part of the problem. Proton and Wine are helping prolong the Microsoft monopoly on PC gaming! What we need is for some of the big game developing companies to release some of their biggest names on Linux only, with absolutely no support for Windows. This will help break the monopoly and make gamers want to migrate to Linux for PC gaming.

While it is possible to play a lot of Windows games on Linux using Wine and/or Proton I don't recommend it. Getting Windows games to run on Linux in the first place is "a miracle", it's amazing how well many games run and perform. However, you're really not supposed to run Windows games on Linux. Just like you're not supposed to run PlayStation games on Windows. Windows games and Windows applications are meant to be run on Windows, not on Linux.

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What we need is for some of the big game developing companies to release some of their biggest names on Linux only, with absolutely no support for Windows

I think the ps5 situation is relevant. Relatively few people were able to get one / willing to pay scalper prices that they aren't even making ps5 exclusive games because the market is so small. Less people actively use Linux as their personal computer OS than have PS consoles.

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When my grandmother hit 70 she started walking five miles a day and now we don't know where the hell she is.

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How long ago was that? If you know the number of days, then you can multiply that by 5 to find a approximate radius of maximum travel. Then you can just cross-reference that with the nearest early-bird special and get a good idea of where she probably is.

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I think no one wants her to come back. But seriously, it is a problem among the elderly. Usually they are found but sometimes not.