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With my trust issues, my partner IS my close friend. Otherwise I can't have any serious relationship with that woman.

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purely emotionally, is the level of intimacy the same between your partner and your close friends, or are there differences between what you share?

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There no differences, except maybe some sexual things. And more flirting, haha.

And I tend to have no more than 1-2 close friends, tho.

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Maybe some sexual things? Do you have sex with your friends? LMAO. I agree that I want a partner who is also a best friend, otherwise it isn't worth it.From your gaming post, I knew you were the introverted reserved kind too.

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I don't, but I can discuss sex, sexuality and other similar topics with them.

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This words the intent of my question better

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Ideally, I'd like my romantic partner to know everything about me. I'd sure like to be the person they feel OK to tell anything. Or at least share those things that made me who I am today so when I if I react to something in a peculiar way - they know where its coming from and why I'm reacting that way. And vice-versa.

There are things I wouldn't burden my friends with. We can talk about anything in general terms without me specifying that yeah I've been through that.

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What are things you wouldn't tell your friends? You don't have to list your things, just some general examples of things a lesbian might share with her partner but not with her friends

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I try to talk less about my problems unless it's relevant/interesting to them as well. Childhood stuff, family issues and a big rule - past relationships.

I've had on ocassion to deftly navigate questions about my exes - it's as if people tried to get me to shit talk about them. Sure we can talk about lessons I learned but no specifics on this person or another.

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I guess things I'd talk about with a partner and not a friend are things related to intimacy. Unless we're in a relationship they don't need to know about any preferences I have, and things like that.

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There wouldn't be a difference in my emotional openness between close best friends and a partner. Like others have said, I probably wouldn't discuss sexual subjects with friends, or at least I haven't thus far.