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I felt bad for that kid. People were comparing dating as an American conservative and not disclosing that information immediately to American leftists, to being a trans person who dates lesbians and doesn’t disclose their dick.

It was so outrageous that I am thinking that person was fake and it was a post to get us banned.

It was a kid who was in highschool who was lonely and lived at home, and ppl were no-holds-barred trashing her, it was such a bummer, I hope she wasn’t real!

I’m not conservative, but I don’t think political views are in the same ballpark as pretending to be a woman to get laid

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If there are lesbians out there who think you HAVE to be far left/liberal in order to be a lesbian and are going to be that intolerant, I don't want them around.

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I don’t want any extremists around. The problem we have now is extremism.

I understand why most of us are liberal because, like I’ve said in other posts where the left right issues are brought up, religious conservatives tend to support a lot of really really cruel anti-homo stuff and hurt their own kids with it, in my generation.

We were told we would literally burn in hell, and that god hated us. I was like “whatever” because I am not religious, but my friends that grew up in those homes ended up really traumatized by it. Beaten and kicked out. That happened to so many.

Now we are seeing kids from progressive homes being transitioned.

I can see why people are polarized against sides, but it’s really not getting us to a place where we can help anyone. I am never going to be cool with people who support homophobic bullshit or banning abortion, but if they are lesbians there must be others like them out there.

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I guess I'm thinking about who I want to be in a relationship with and who I would want in my household. I don't even want to date a fairly liberal lesbian because I don't want to live with somebody who is going to do the same things my liberal friends have done to me throughout, say, this quarantine, like telling me I should be happy to be on unemployment. I also definitely do not want to date lesbians who think there are 52 genders and that I should feel pity for all TiMs because they have life so hard. People think when I say those things I'm far extreme on the other side. I'm not. People are crazy. They refuse to see where I am coming from at all, and some of the people most guilty of this behavior are fellow lesbians.

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I wouldn't compare not revealing your politics to a trans going stealth, but I can't imagine being physically intimate with someone I am not close enough to discuss politics with.

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Me either, but ppl were being really dramatic about it like it was rape. It was pretty outrageous. Usually you can tell someone politics just by reading their profile or chatting for a bit. Or, asking directly. Like not mentioning politics before a date was sexual coercion. It was so wild

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I am not in agreement with the far left or far right. I call myself, liberal, but not progressive. I think there should be more moderation on both sides to an extent.

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While I do lean towards the right on a lot of issues, overall I'm probably a centrist. However, toeing the party line is ridiculous and I have positions all over the place.

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I'm a conservative lesbian and in my anecdotal experience I've experienced exponentially more homophobia from the regressive left aka TRAs than the religious right. "Coming out" as conservative was worse than coming out as a lesbian (lost more friends and aquaintances due to the former).

Obviously there's good and bad on both sides, but I'm done with people telling me what to think because of my sexuality, race, etc. I'm thinking that when or if I ever try dating apps again, I'll just write 'conservative' on there. Better to be upfront and honest from the jump if other women have a problem with it.

Personally I'm down to be friends with anyone who can agree to disagree. Sadly that trait seems to be dwindling in this increasingly polarized world. I think dating-wise, it's important to be in alignment with what your key morals and values are, though.

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If they can't handle us as conservatives, they don't deserve us as lesbians

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I'm pretty moderate. Definitely not a lefty. It does make things a bit more challenging overall, because I really don't agree with a lot of what the far-left does and I have found at least locally that the LGBT group is far left (except for a gay guy couple who are staunch conservatives).

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I'm mostly left leaning but most leftists that I know are becoming increasingly fanatical, if this goes on I might prefer to date someone who says "trump 2020" over someone who says "punch terfs"

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The fanaticism of the left is what is pushing me towards conservatism. They're shooting themselves in the foot right now.

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I'm a radical feminist, so I'm sort of "politically homeless" (like most radfems) due to the fact that there are extremely misogynistic views within both extreme sides of the political spectrum.

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We aren't politically homeless, we just exist outside the simplistic left/right binary. If asked about my political affiliation, I would say that I'm a radical—my politics are intended to get to the root of sociopolitical problems (which mainstream statist politics fail to do).

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Not conservative, but becoming a bit more sympathetic considering the hair trigger of your typical leftist.

They get a lot wrong (imo) but the patterns they're seeing in the left extremists is all real and they at least are asking the right questions.

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I'm a centrist and go to where the logic leads. Currently the conservatives are making more sense then the liberals/leftists so I'm falling right. If the right starts talking nonsense I'll fall left. It's a matter of "who is talking the most sense" and with the left having a complete and utter meltdown over not having power I feel a very disgusting, hateful and irrational underbelly has been revealed.

We've gotten the chance to see the mask fall, I'll be damned before I forget what I've seen and read this past year.

Am I a Republican? Sure. Right now I am, until they start talking crazy or the democrats throw out the crazy leftists. Either one will do.

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Yep, I'm libertarian right.

The left consistently lying suddenly going completely INSANE during this quarantine has driven me a bit more right, lately.

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They've driven me more to the right as well. I think they were crazy before the quarantine, we are just noticing it more.