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Last week I started an English course, level C1. I had to introduce myself to class and I'm still cringing.

Nothing good to see on Netflix. I browse reddit from time to time trying to give lovebird advice.

I also visit askgaybros but I usually feel completely disconnected from most gay men. That subreddit seems to be the last place where the trans ideology didn't manage to infiltrate but I can see it's gaining more and more ground.

Comparing a phalloplasty to a real dick is completely ridiculous. Using gender and sex interchangeably and saying there are more than two genders...there are all kinds of lies and deception floating around. It makes me feel even more disconnected.

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You're not alone. I suspect that more people think all the gender stuff is nonsense in private, but they're afraid of the social consequences of being honest. It's a case study in how a relatively small, but very loud minority can leverage apparent compliance with their demands.

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If anyone is experiencing issues today with logging in, posting, commenting - just generally using the site - it's not you and it's not just SaidIt. It's Cloudflare protecting the site (and others) from DDOS:

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Saidit gets about a third of a million page load requests a month, and probably half of those are fraudulent (originating from malicious DDOS attacks). During a heavy attack day we might have 10x the page load requests of normal, during which probably 98% of the page requests are fraudulent. Cloudflare ensures (most of) those fraudulent connection attempts stop at cloudflare and don't hit our main server, which is how we're able to stay online.

We've been DDOS attacked multiple times daily for 5 years now. As a result we can never turn our DDOS protection off. So someone out there is setting aside resources on the regular to do this. For years.

...This place has been under nonstop attack since day 1, via every method possible from hardware attacks to social engineering, it has honestly surprised me how bad it's been over the last 5 years, I would've never guessed it was this bad. Whoever these groups are, they really don't want forums like saidit to exist.

I never would've guessed that, either.

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I never have thought it was so extreme either.

Whoever these groups are, they really don't want forums like saidit to exist.

That's they key to it, I think. I have been very loosely following what has happened with sites like KiwiFarms, supposedly the worst of the worst. The creator Josh has basically had to go the route of creating his own internet.

Our group is allowed to exist here, but gets blackballed wherever we try to exist outside. It is so much worse, and bigger than us.

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Saidit is a bit like old internet. Nowadays everything is extremely sanitized and policed with an iron fist. It's possible that there are people trying to erase places like this? Tbh everything has changed so fast that I barely noticed. YouTube is nothing like it used to be for example. Everything is so restrictive and suffocating now