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While it's not a lesbian app, I have found men on Tinder when it was set to lesbian and looking for women. My best friend who is a gay man did the opposite on Tinder and found women.

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I didn't ever use any lesbian specific apps, but when I was on OKCupid and had my preferences set to interested in women it showed me TIMs occasionally. Interestingly though, it also showed me female enbies from time to time. Despite the fact that by their logic someone who's interested exclusively in women shouldn't be interested in female enbies solely based on their biological sex. Since they're "not women" and all (at least not full-time women for the genderfluids).

This was a few years ago though. I have no idea how bad it is now or on an app like, say, HER. From hearsay though, HER is pretty awful. They recently just sent out a message to all their users telling "TERFs" to delete the app, from what I've heard.

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dunno who is running HER's twitter account but he's been having a meltdown about terfs and got the account temporarily suspended

also, i heard HER doesn't like it when you download their app and take screenshots of their male members. so i guess we totally shouldn't do that

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She's started lying about it on the internet recently and pretending she's a dyke, but there are archives showing the creator of HER admitting she's bi, yet she's going to now shove her sexuality down the throats of homosexuals in the most disgusting way.

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I'm gay man so I'm not on lesbian dating apps but I remember a few years back when I was conversing with one of my coworkers who happened to be a lesbian, when I came out to her in the sense of not believing in trans ideology, she confided in me that her experience on the lesbian dating apps was frustrating because she kept getting hit up by TIMs on "HER". This was back in 2019 and I wouldn't be surprised if it got worse.

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Yes. I've seen them on HER and Tinder. I'd say it is uncommon but not rare. I've seen both TIMs and regular guys. Ultimately, they get swiped left and ignored or they get found by some chaser. It is annoying though, and the only thing you can do is ignore them b/c actually asserting that you don't like dick will probably get you nuked from orbit. I've also been on queer dating apps like Lex, and it is infested to the brim with TIMs and NB folks.