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I may as well start. I do not have any bans under my belt except for automated bots on Reddit, so here's a story!

Your forever-loving original mods from Reddit (WavingVoid/me, IPD/Tumbleweed, and Rez/crypkids) saw an opportunity to take over some LGBDTT-like subs from a user who was suspended. We coordinated behind the scenes to request them through the "Reddit Request" sub. Most requests were ignored, but I managed to gain a couple. Maybe because all I really do anymore is mod, I don't know.

I got hold of r/TrueGayMen.

I'm a bisexual woman, I have no business running a gay man's sub. So I brought on a regular and passionate user to be the top mod in charge of things.

That user ruffled some feathers because he was open to bisexual men in strictly male relationships. I understand, but I didn't step in because it wasn't my place, I was only there to stop TRAs and homophobes from ruining things.

The sub eventually got banned for hate, as all "true" LGB subs do since we don't suck the girldick/eat the boipussy. The user I made a mod then came to SaidIt and his first post in our sub said:

It just feels like the conservative dickheads were right. You let the gays get married and you’ll open up Pandora’s box. I hate to admit it but it’s starting to look like they were right.

"The gays". Really?

He was immediately banned, and then tried to defend himself in Modmail saying:

No, it’s is wrong for you guys to ban me. You are jumping to conclusions and being overly sensitive. It sucks what happened to LGBDropthT. The least you could do is not abandon your own principles and create this kind of hostility in an environment where we all desperately need friends and allies.

It wasn’t a pity party. I am sorry because it wasn’t my intention to make anyone feel insulted. It was just a hammy, drama queen moment, that I picked up from hanging around gay people again these last few years. If we knew each other personally or if I was able to properly communicate my tone and sarcasm we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now I assure you.

You guys are good people.

"You guys".

So never really one of us, he was always an outsider. And wasn't even gay himself.

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Subscriber to Actuallesbians got kicked out for pointing that lesbian means a)Someone/something originating from the isle of Lesbos (well I am Greek) or b)a homosexual woman and because I kept insisting that someone who is male is not a woman. Went and joined r/truelesbians when it was just a hundred members strong,later became a mod there until the original founder decided to start accepting posts from transwomen so that "we do not get banned".I disagreed and quit. Founded r/homosexualwomen which never took off.Joined r/LGBdroptheT and TumbrlinAction. My posts there got me suspended from Reddit forever (temporary ban for hate when I said pedos should be dealt with a woodchipper and perma ban for saying there is a difference between someone who suffers from GID and someone who gets sexually arroused by wearing skirts).

The first time someone called me a TERF is when I pointed out that our species has two sexes.

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Got my first suspension for saying something true on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. I appealed but then cut that short because there were other true things that needed to be said in a timely fashion, and appeals can take a lot longer than the censorship does, apparently. I am unrepentant. Every word of it was true.

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You got suspended after ellon? lol.

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No, see the date on my comment. And also they do still suspend people after Elon. Including GC people. That system didn't magically completely change overnight.

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Also you are clearly new here or this is a new account, at 2 days old. Welcome.

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yeah im new here. Not LGB, but on the ace spectrum. I'm welcome right?

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Of course. We do get the occasional new-account troll being snarky, so pardon my bit of side-eye. Make yourself at home. (I'm not a mod—if you want to read the TMI we have some rules in the sidebar.) We have some straight allies who hang out with us too.

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Banned from reddit and now Twitter for defending women's and gay people's right to refer to themselves using words.

I'm probably better off but I'm still pissed.

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Am currently permabanned from r/terriblefacebookmemes for this comment: “What does that have to do with anything? There are prominent gay people who are critical of trans agenda ex: Julie Bindel”

This was in response to a comment on a post of the Gus Fring meme where he is saying “You respect JKR because of the books, I respect JKR because of her views on trans. We are not the same.”

The comment said “Does the maker of this meme know that Gus Fring was gay?”

So obviously, they are making the common assumption that anybody critical of trans ideology must OBVIOUSLY be a homophobe.

So pretty much I got permabanned from a community because I said the words “trans agenda”.

I sent one response to the mods: “You have no justification for this. You are pathetic brainwashed ideologues.”

They reported me for “harassment” and now I am banned sitewide for three days.

Currently appealing but have negative amount of hope for anything remotely resembling justice.

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I have had been on Reddit since 2018 and I have been a R/actuallesbians follower for a long time. I had to watch it slowly push back actual women for TIMs.

One day I just snapped when I saw a post complaining about how "all cis lesbians have left" made by a TIM. I told him that was bound to happen when a bunch of men got into the sub and banned every woman who complained. They banned me too lol.

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Just got permanently banned from reddit for commenting how if liberals actually played Hogwarts Legacy they would see how much of a liberal wet dream it is:

-Complete racial intergration

-Casual mentions of homosexuality, including interracial homosexual marriage

-The main companion is from Africa and ONLY has nice things to say about the trans bar keep

Banned for promoting hate.

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i love reddit, but its stupid that people get banned for their opinion. im not banned, just dont talk about gender.

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I come from reddit. LGBT subreddits are baby-proofed. Everything is offensive and trans issues plague every corner. I was not banned, but i got tired of being labelled transphobic for disagreeing with their attempts to redefine my sexuality around gender.

When i called out trans people calling gay men genital fetishists, i was told i shouldnt judge the whole group for a few extremists. I see these ideas permeating every lgbt discussion. I notice how they feel about us. All the facades and political correctness in the world arent able to hide their homophobia. I come from a jehovah witness background, i know when someone is being disingenuous.

I know there are trans people with more common sense but i believe they are a minority, at least in online spaces. Trans issues have to be mentioned literally everywhere, its crazy. If gay men tried to do the same, people would say we make everything about being gay. Or we are sex addicts, like many people in lgbt spaces already believe. Not very different from my religious past.

I had an old reddit account that was permabanned. The reason is i snapped at a muslim defending the homophobia in their holy book. That should tell you everything you need to know about reddit and their untouchable protected groups.

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I get automatically banned on the Reddit app because I have argued too many times with the smug, snarky fetishy men on r/unpopularopinion's LGBT thread.