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Another one of this idiots comments:

Gay men are not oppressed. Gay men are still men. Gay men have never been denied the right to employment, property, money or control of their chattels.


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My best friend, who is like a brother to me, is a gay man. He's experienced being disowned, and has been bullied since elementary because he's somewhat effeminate, and has the "gay accent." He's 6'1'' and is still afraid to be in public with his boyfriend. Yes he's a man, but a gay man is still a gay man, and homophobes will target them same with lesbians.

Ovarit is filled with straight people, I read the site time from time as they have the latest news on the gender wars. The Gender Critical circle for example there is very homophobic, lesbophobic, and biphobic, if you speak out against any of it there you will be branded as a "double agent," and chased off the site.

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Sorry to hear about what your friend has been through. Hopefully he’s doing much better now.

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He is. I've know him since freshmen year of high school, so eight years now I think. We became friends because we were both bullied hard for being the few openly gay kids. His brother, and some of his family are supportive, and my parents are supportive of gay people so they just kind of adopted him. I don't really have a lot of family members, at all, so he didn't need to go through the coming out process with a different family. Gays got to stick together.

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Glad to hear he's doing better.