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Nice to see the police actually protecting people. There's been other attacks like this where there's no police to stop it.

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Did you see how the trans-identified males try to intimidate the lesbians, who were tiny compared to them, by standing in front of the lesbians' path?

And that brave little lesbian who tried to tear the trans-identified males off of her sisters?

When will the rest of LGB wake up to these T attacks on homosexuals?

These attacks on lesbians are happening at PRIDE - so right in front of the rest of the LGB. Shameful that the rest of the LGB won't stand up for lesbians.

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They're just holding signs and asserting their right to have a sexual orientation that doesn't involve men and they get violently attacked for it. But somehow they're the bad people in this situation, not the men attacking them.

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The rest of the LGB were either not present at the parade (because what incentive do we have to be there?) or they have been beaten down into submission.

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I'm not 100% sure but I think that was the Paris PRIDE parade, so the rest of LGB would probably have been present.

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It’s nice to see police doing their jobs for once. Normally all they do is protect politicians and the media, hence my apathy towards the thin blue line.

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Didn't one of the major Pride parades ban the police recently?

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I think only in English-speaking countries have police been banned from pride parades.

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Yeah, North America in particular has these knee-jerk reactionary tactics. Instead of working with the police to continue the trend of improved police work in their communities, they treat all bad instances of policing to mean police in their own communities must be shunned. It's such a childish way to deal with a complex problem.

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These narcissistic thugs are violent people. They use violence to enforce their delusions on society. All they know is violence. And the worst part is, we let them get away with it.

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And of course, guess what's the dominant narrative of the event? "Evil far-right white TERFs attacked a migrant trans woman". I mean, do they even have eyes?! I'm so hopeless when I see such huge lies being swallowed by the rest of the "community". Several alternative medias spread these lies as well.

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Why do these trans “women” always slouch so much. They look so pathetic.

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Bad posture from spending all day in front of the hentai machine.

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Oof my guess was that they were doing a clark kent to reduce their height. But that was me trying to assume the best lmao

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