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At 1:55:25 onwards they discuss how CoinBase is a controlled op.

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Is it worth it for the Cassandra Team to start some crypto and/or blockchain stuff to be a tiny alternative option to keeping your coin in some big corporation?

I don't even know what or how that could be other than some kinds of ways to:

  1. back up your wallet (that is already out there on the blockchain)
  2. check your balance
  3. transact with the world
  4. maybe some other easy common services

Whatever it could be, I don't want it to be a:

  1. responsibility and burden
  2. technical nightmare
  3. weak point targeted by government or thieves or hackers
  4. likely much else I hadn't considered

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There's already DeFi, decentralized finance like BlockFi where you can transact crypto without any institution really. Lots of options out there.

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We'll have to look into this further. Feel free to post some of this to /s/DecentralizeAllThings as you come across it again, and/or the best recommendations that apply to /s/Cassy.

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Just got an add for another one, Uniswap I think is the biggest one.

Feel free to post some of this to /s/DecentralizeAllThings

I am not so sure I want to be responsible for getting people into defi, it's not without risk. BlockFi accidentally sent sign up bonuses in BTC than dollars. Instead of $200 they sent 200 BTC. I didn't know if they were going to remain solvent, still not entirely sure how healthy that platform is after that.

And even scarier:

And there's also the possibility of rug pulls.

Despite the problems with Coinbase, I feel more secure with them.