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Simple solution = ban from your life Reddit. Blacklist it. Walk away and don't go back. Simple. Don't go away mad just go away.

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This is the truth.

No point supporting and being disappointed by them.

BTW: I am in the 13 year club.

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Assuming you are in fact 13 I have a GREAT many whopper whales of advice for you and here's just one to use as an axiom of your life = "be your own man. Expect resistance to that. Believe 100% that some or many will be against you and if you are right then stay your course do not deviate from that. Do not live your life fearing the bullwhip of others be strong and brave when you tell others to fuck right off".

And then exact like fool "Reddit" once you are done then be done. Ban them from your life and never ask fools for advice.

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Sucks to be thrown away like a piece of trash, doesn't it? I had the same issue but I've been using forums since the 90s, and this problem isn't exclusive to Reddit. It's human sociology. The largest hive minds will have the lowest common denominator people. Mob rule. Even Saidit has its occasional troubles. was extremely difficult to find. I actually tried like a dozen social media's before even noticing it. It seems very difficult to get to show in Google/DuckDuckGo.

Keeps the riff raff out.

Welcome to Saidit.

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Congratulations on escaping Reddit.

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No kidding, wow, temporarily hidden comments, that never crossed my mind. Shadow banning etc is some sleaze-grade activity but that's a new low. That place isn't improving society/the world, doing any minorities any favors; nothing positive whatsoever is coming out of that slop. Nothing healthy is coming from that website, it is a damn shame and perplexing how this always happens.

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The Reddit manipulation is deep. There are apparently special accounts, or user interfaces, that allow lots of upvotes with one click, to easily scroll through several user for commenting. And they have literal printed professional pdfs on how to shill.

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There are apparently special accounts, or user interfaces, that allow lots of upvotes with one click, to easily scroll through several user for commenting

Any source where I can fall down into this rabbit hole?

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So, around the same month I read about the post above is when I found out about the special access or programmed soft wear accounts.

I don’t want to waste your time. TL;DR I can’t find shit.

I have been looking and searching. I cannot find shit.

I think there was a screen shot that showed Israel’s Reddit propaganda program. And it allowed pull down to quickly switch users, but it doesn’t reload the whole website. They pull down and can comment on the same comment as a different person.

And then the account had several accounts on it. I don’t remember exactly, but it was like 5 to 100 accounts. And when they downvoted, all the accounts downvoted at once. And when they upvotes, all the accounts upvotes at once.

I honestly don’t know if I remember this from some kind of shit post or LARP. Or if I am remembering it correctly.

I know it was around the time shareblue was discovered because I associate these two together. Like our Hillary Clinton Podesta team used college students as nauseas for propaganda. And mossad had sophisticated softwear that allowed for like a new level of user. A power user, not in the sense of they get a lot of upvotes, but through account manipulation have a lot of power.

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For about a week more or less I had no idea my comments were being removed, no politics no hate nothing but bicycle talk on a bicycle sub. Once I learned I went through my comments looking for somethin I said that was wrong but nothing, I suspect my comment over on another sub where I made a negative comment about Biden had something to do with it.

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You must've been very young when you visited Digg.

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I think I left digg before OP was born...

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I suppose so. I was in my mid 20's when I left Digg. I didn't have huge problems with Digg. It just felt very commercial posts that users were allowed to comment on, rather than users posting and users commenting, so at the time, Reddit was more appealing.

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I knew it was just a matter of time before Reddit became Digg. It happened a long time ago.

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I like how you justify other banned by saying “non rule breaking”.

You should not get banned on Reddit for calling someone what they are. A cunt, a racist, a war monger. Etc.

It hurts man. I had an account with ungodly amounts of comment karma. I was one of the first to go. I can’t use Reddit any more because of all the lunatics.

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mass exodus from reddit is on the horizon. It will soon be solely shells vs bots, if it isn't already.

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It dawned on me, after being banned, that I was helping them to pretend that they are civilized. They aren’t. Don’t help them in any way. They are parasites.

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Howdy. I'm beginning the process of moving Reddit to Saidit on very similar grounds.

I got banned because a troll decided to say that "Give them enough rope to hang themselves" is violent enough for an admin ban.

But thing is that I was mocking them and showing how they'd show me who they were while lying about who I was.

Admins decided on a 3 day ban which means that I lost access to everything for the last 3 days. My own subs can go unmoderated, admins never answered my questions, and the ban was enacted in 10 minutes of the conversation so I never had a chance to defend myself.

The troll deserves a thank you (they got banned on the sub I frequent for report abuse) because I never would have seen this problem but I'll be going to tell my case and how much of an issue this ban was and the process.

Saidit does look nice and there's so much more to allow in terms of site links without having to walk on eggshells on Reddit. Only thing I'll use it for in the future is probably anime stuff but the digital migration is beginning already.

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take your reddit bullshit somewhere else.

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Yes but did your subreddit get brigaded with horse porn like r/ivermectin?

(On a serious note, fuck reddit. And fuck assholes who come into your house to put up horse porn.)

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yes. this is all true. reddit banned me years ago

i've had it happen to me on the *.win sites

brought to my attention upon asking a user about a deleted commented.

they replied back with my own comment , noting that if the comment had been edited then it was still possible to read it.

(i think their own comment was the deleted one i saw but they saw mine as deleted!)

have a discussion on the blockchain is the only way to talk 'for real' any more. or straight up text person to person

or create your own social media server.. and use that . because lifelog, oh right facebook does it too.

and this site.. haven't seen it yet, but i dunno for sure

stealth means of hiding user hiding is an active art the losers study

[–]Kuasocto 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) was extremely difficult to find. I actually tried like a dozen social media's before even noticing it. It seems very difficult to get to show in Google/DuckDuckGo.

you wat m8? Also, lol google. Oh well, even if it IS true that can be kinda a perk. More people will find this site because of more organic sharing. Then again, I don't think you heard about all the social media sites from search engines, did you? And after you found them you probably bookmarked them or just type them and the rest of the url is auto completed.

Anyhoo, welcome aboard, make sure to make some non-political stuff so we have something else than jews and wokes as a topic of conversation. These 2 get boring really quickly. Try building something, actually sharing something you find valuable and we all benefit from that.