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the censorship here at saidit is almost worse than at reddit.

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Not even close.

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we finally got rid of flash

not dead yet

/f/ for the win

But even there we just post old swfs to have a nice group nostalgia masturbation session. Flash was the best thing to ever happen to the internet.

people are making counterintuitive designs for web pages, instead of keeping it simple. Beautiful websites can be made from nothing and they can be made very light. But then again, if it does not flex on others and shows how many gigabytes of javascript you have written, it is useless from the perspective of the site owner. I like websites that look friendly and despise those that are designed to make you feel small. I am talking about Facebook, Instagram et al. I am browsing on a 21 inch full HD monitor and all you give me is 3 huge bloated buttons that don't do much and every website function works in exactly the opposite way you expect it to, and the page itself has little content and very little information density.

Contrast this to websites like saidit, forums and imageboards. The design is simple and functional, the buttons and links are small and scattered but somehow you always find exactly what you were looking for and works in a way you expect. the actual content is plenty and you can skim through information worth a hundred Facebook pages in just 2 or 3 pages. This helps because half the content is bullshit which you don't care about anyway.

other article I've found: the website obesity crisis i don't know how many time's I've linked to this on saidit

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Adobe is gay tho

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but flash clips are based tho

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This person is kinda right but also kinda wrong. I think Peak Web has passed when we entered the 2010s, about over the point of the hill of 2012 to be specific. What we accomplished in feats for the web, has pretty much dried up. Social Media is running in place now and it has been for a while. In fact, there's nothing new you can do it on now than you could in the time period this blog post picked.

Because in 2006, you had messenger programs, on the go. You had your MySpace, Facebook was a thing too. You could already surf the web on your phone then. Sure, I'll accept the argument that things got increasingly better over time as newer devices came out, standards got more ironed out and vice versa. Which makes me re-route to the year I think we peaked, in 2012. Nothing from that point could really get any better. Things instead, just took questionable detours based on the idea of "we shouldn't do this...but we're gonna anyways".

Oh and the browsers of today? Pffft, they're a joke. Firefox is desperately trying to shove in it's own tools and now it's own VPN, but do nothing about it's performance issues that have stemmed from 3.0. While Google has been doing quite a job, dismantling everything that once made them great to use at a time and has become nothing but a brand anymore.

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I didn't even know he was sick...

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Don't worry, it will be back thanks to this