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I haven't met a single woman in my life who was satisfied with her body. (Y'know, I don't think I have ever met a single person, male or female, who was satisfied with their body, men just don't talk about it.) You say that you haven't experienced any sexism, which isn't true. Every female experiences sexism. Why would you shave "down there" anyway? By "down there" I assume you mean your pubis area, and your discomfort with the vocabulary is evidence of the harm society has done to you. So stop shaving. It'll give you ingrown hairs, and seriously, what is the point of it? To look like a child? Creepy. Others have encouraged you to give the pro-trans forums a break and to pursue your interests in herbalism and taxidermy, and I agree. Herbalism is cool, animal skeletons are cool, too. The only thing you should do to your body is make it as strong and healthy as you can. You have enough wisdom to have not permanently altered yourself with hormones and surgery, and you are seeking diverse views on the subject, which is encouraging. I think you have a good chance of becoming a very well-adjusted adult in 10 years. I wish you nothing but the best.