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A key trait of narcissists is they crave constant attention, whether it's positive or negative attention doesn't seem to matter much.

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Yup. I still remember an instance where a dude came to r/itsafetish to debate ppl there. Well you could go see his profile and he posted in subreddits that fetishised black men and similar stuff (sissy/bimbo), while he claimed he wasn't pornsick anymore. But the fetishistic comments where like 4 days old lmao.

In my experience, everytime I would do that of checking profiles after reading an "as a TW", it would most of the time lead me to nsfw warnings, and the aforementioned subreddits and its derivates.

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i always get a bug on reddit where it asks me again and again and again to confirm that i want to see NSFW content on someones profile page. That makes every profile page with 18+ posts unusable for me.

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You made me think of a post I saw yesterday by a TiM comedian: And then he says “that’s normal, everyone does it”, but idk seems fetishistic to me 🤔