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For an example, H Mouncey managed to break a woman's leg in a tackle in Australian rules football. Totally unrepentant.

Callum has already been involved in a tackling with a woman called Jo who had her leg broken when he and her legs were tangled up in the tackle . She was playing for a Canberra team Ainslie. She had to retire from the game because of it he will again no doubt be the cause of injuries with the fact of his weight and size

I've seen it somewhere that it was as her femur but don't quote me on it.

Of course it's dangerous having a bloody great lump of man ploughing into women.

My favourite quote from another TIM rugby player described a female opponent 'folding like a deckchair' when he tackled her. Asshole.

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And in relation to the Mouncey story, there was a media article that included that fact and then later edited their story to remove it to make the article more sympathetic towards him.

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I think that's H Mousey, not Mouncey, no ?

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Another example: Fallon Fox gloating over "smacking up TERFs".