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I've met trans people IRL and I know others have commented they have too. That experience, along with the non-sensical reactions of some of my (now ex) friends made me wake up. I'm an assault survivor so for my "friends" to not get how their disregard for women's rights AND especially the TRA rhetoric being so anti-consent (genital preferences are transphobic) really made me understand viscerally how fucked up this all is. Most people are followers, that is not their fault and followers have a purpose too. It's up to us to lead them to the right conclusion. I think as more young people meet trans people and really understand how it makes them feel to be around those people they will start looking into it more and really thinking about it. It's not that I have a problem with trans people, it's more that I see a lot of trans people doing it for the special attention and affirmations they receive when they take on that persona. I'm talking wealthy, white, Harvard, Amherst, Smith educated trans folks here. They are not a disadvantaged group.