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he wants to do a free speech clone of here

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Sure, but how exactly. Sidebar says:

free speech and subs controlled by mods

How would that be different? What's not free speech on SaidIt?

I know python and could possibly contribute, but I would have many questions.

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I'm not sure what all his master plan is, I just volunteered to help him use this code. I think he has some bug fix ideas and some changes/features ideas.

What's not free speech on SaidIt?

Probably the no advocating violence rule.

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Probably the no advocating violence rule.

Hmm, well that is against the law in most places. You can rest assured it will be monitored by gov. agencies. I don't think there is a workaround there.

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It is against the rules here to praise God for wiping out Sodom and Gomorrah since that is considered glorifying violence. d3rr has been fairly relaxed, so SaidIt has been okay recently. But magnora7 implemented harsh censorship here (like this) when he was active, and this is his site. If he comes back to being an active admin, SaidIt will become unusable.

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I see, well would there be no modding at all? That is probably not going to work. If there will be mods, how would they be checked?

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Unlike SaidIt, mods would have total control over their subs. Why do mods need to be checked?

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Why do mods need to be checked?

How would you prevent another mod from abusing powers? Is there going to be no global moderation? There's going to be horrible subs, and probaby taken over by porn or trolls.

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Porn won't be allowed. There will be some horrible subs but you can mute them. For me, most subs are horrible anyway. I discussed how to avoid offending normal users here. With this system, I don't care if there are troll subs or other horrible subs.

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Ok, i was reviewing that other thread. Interesting so far, but IMO it's not enough to really come up with something much different than Saidit.

For example, you said:

I see no need for site-wide moderation (except for things like illegal content, porn, etc.).

Then you mention how mods would have total control over their subs... how do you reconcile these two features/ideas? In theory it's a contradiction. Either mods have FULL control and allow literally anything, or by definition they will have PARTIAL control. Where that line really is, I think is besides the point, because you will be in the same position as Saidit where someone else is telling you what is allowed in your sub. You can argue, well porn is obvious, however there is infinite amounts of gray area where the discussion could never end as to what should or should not be considered porn, depending on the sub.

In other words, if it's not the owner of the sub having FULL control, then eventually the discussion of where the boundaries are for PARTIAL control would land you more/less where Saidit (and even Reddit) is at the moment. This is the core of a lot of the problems. People disagree on what is allowed, but that's because it's almost impossible to define that line of partial control.

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Well I'm just happy that he's interested in a spin off. The code is stagnating here. It's python 2 deprecation hell.