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I'm not surprised the courts were the most offensive party involved in a rape trial.

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It's bizarre that Swedes all of a sudden discovered a love of sexual assault and other serious crimes that had previously been in steady decline.

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Imagine being so fucking weak minded and soft that a gesture hurts you, body language for hells sake. Sweden used to be a better place, but it got fucked over by the immigrant horde they took in, the schmucks don't want to integrate, learn and so on, they expect the Swedes to do so.

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Import the Third World
Become the Third World

Instances of foreigners subjecting young Swedes to torture, rape, and humiliation have become more and more common in recent years.

Last fall, a pair of underage Swedish boys were savagely raped and tortured in a cemetery in the city of Solna by an 18-year-old Tunisian-Swede and a 21-year-old Kurd with Swedish citizenship. According to a report from Swedish newspaper Expressen, which cites the two victim’s testimony, the perpetrators forced them to strip naked at knifepoint, before beating and stabbing them, torturing them with cigarette lighters, and ramming a stick into their rectums. The boys were discovered naked, bloody, and bruised by passersby in the early hours of the following morning.

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Dumbass. You do the gesture under the table, say it under your breath, or wait until you are outside the courtroom.

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It beggars belief that a victim of hours of torture and sexual assault would act irrationally in response to his attackers laughing at him in court.

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Did he act irrationally? addressing guys that tortured him for six hours as you would a Nazi (universally accepted face of inhumanity), seems perfectly rational to me.

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Yeah, it's irrational. Understandable, justified, and irrational.