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Show notes:

Guest: Michael Shellenberger, nuclear power expert, environmentalist

France: 75% nuclear powered, less pollution created, lower costs

Germany: No nuclear, 50% higher energy costs, more pollution

Sunless, windless days make those alternative possibilities unreliable

  • Both require batteries, lots and lots of batteries
  • Environmental cost of batteries
  • Unreliable producers of energy

Michael Shellenberger: We should stick with and develop light water cooled nuclear solutions, not Gen IV

Bill Gates has embraced Gen IV research and development

  • 12 startups are pursuing Gen IV technology

Nuclear energy is promoted as safer, cleaner than coal

  • Congressional support for development is bipartisan

Climate change people fear that more than nuclear concerns

  • If you’re pro-science, nuclear power is the best known answer
  • Solar and wind will NEVER provide world’s power needs

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Great post!

I'm sorry I missed this when you posted it.

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nuclear is the only feasible solution for the future unless we just decide to kill a few billion people

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This video was good but they didn't even delve into waste management - and the lack of any responsible political efforts to be wiser.

Though, thorium seems like it should be embraced. There are plenty of other alternatives "they" never want us to consider. These alternatives are decentralized and passive and all around us - currents.

Whether someone builds some giant ocean things to harness the perpetual ocean currents, whether we anchor barges with long turbines can be submerged and raised at will, or whether our rivers are lined with paddlewheels - there is an abundance of kinetic power out there that does not need to be centralized and controlled by "powers that be".

That's only on one front.

Power corrupts absolutely, so power is centralized absolutely.

If they were smart they'd embrace more alternatives and /s/hydrogen as a portable fuel instead.