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Since then, they false flagged their own people by the thousands and told you their official version was true, even though a lot of it went against their beloved $cience.

And almost got away with forcing you to inject yourself with unproven medical tech.

So what? Nobody cares. That's the sad reality.

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Trump implemented gun control with an executive order (bump stocks) and said we should take the guns first, worry about due process later.

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I tried looking up Trump's executive order on guns. I got Biden instead:

Section 1. Policy. Every few days in the United States, we mourn a new mass shooting. Daily acts of gun violence—including community violence, domestic violence, suicide, and accidental shootings—may not always make the evening news, but they too cut lives short and leave survivors and their communities with long-lasting physical and mental wounds.

What an oddly worded 'order'. In fact it reads like an opinion piece. How bizarre.

In fact, this all seems bizarre.

They are citing things he said in 2013???

Say, you got a link to that bump stock Trump executive order for us?

Here is a 404 page for a statement:

But no executive order?

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Here's a web archive for that page that was 404:

Trump says he'll ban bump stocks through executive order

Ban bump stocks: Justice Department moves to make them illegal to own or sell

Federal court strikes down Trump-era bump stock ban

These articles all say Trump signed an executive order. However, when I was searching for the actual executive order myself I couldn't find it either. This article: Trump takes executive action to ban bump stocks that increase weapons' firepower says that

President Trump signed a memorandum instructing the attorney general to regulate the use of bump stocks, effectively banning the use of the devices that can allow rifles to mimic automatic weapons.

So perhaps it wasn't executive order, but he did use his executive authority to implement gun control in violation of the Second Amendment.

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Gosh, and you say it was struck down? How alarming. That sets a presidency does it not?


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A reminder that there are numerous morons at, some of whom spill over to Saidit