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I thought someone tried to postal mail some cocaine to GW Bush and other politicians.

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Could you explain how they were more important in building support for the invasion?

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1) They silenced the opposition Democrat Party.

2) They silenced the corporate media.

3) They silenced all official doubt, skepticism, questions, truth-seeking, investigations, reporting, etc. for complete complicity in the cover up of 9/11 and the new Global War Of Terror.

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None of that is particular to the anthrax attacks.

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9/11 put the US public on their heels, and the anthrax attacks were used as the uppercut which knocked out all opposing dissent.

They started 2 weeks after 9/11 and targeted the offices of two US senators who were dragging their feet about supporting the "Patriot Act".

The sucks were blamed on Muslim terrorists, but there was no evidence. Ultimately the FBI targeted a US scientist, who sued the the FBI for 7 million dollars in damages and won.

They later targeted another scientist who allegedly committed suicide, and they then closed the case.

The anthrax attacks was another Zionist terror operation.

They were also used as the pretext for the bio security state installation that was switched on during the plandemic

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Good question. It is explained in the video.

The Bush administration masterfully made out that the anthrax, which came from US Army bio-warfare labs, were an attack by Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and the media repeated those claims and amplified them.

The WTC attacks were bad enough, but they were an attack on the most privileged power centers of the US. But the anthrax attacks came in the mail and felt like it could attack anyone. Liberal journalists were being attacked. Ordinary people felt like the attacks were aimed at them, not the power centers of the nation. They went out and bought anthrax-proof masks, made safe-rooms, stocked up on anti-anthrax meds.

You can also read this that explains why liberal journalists linked the anthrax attacks with Saddam Hussein and convinced them to support the unprovoked invasion, and how quickly they memory-holed that panic.

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It wasn't the young alcoholic "Bush"-retard. He was more like an "announcer" that can't complete even one sentence in a grammatically correct sense. It was GEORGE H.W. BUSH and his fat-ass-oil-mishpoke.

The same guy, that plotted against all three Kennedys (killed two of them) and imported crack into L.A. black-quarters to fund fascists in Nicaragua.

Because? Yeah, well, why ? Den Haag theoretically could question him, If US could stop pointing fingers at "other" dictators and put them on themselves, finally.

Everything else is hypocrisy, while the world is watching. Nobody believes BUSH bs anymore and the only ones wondering are the Bushes themselves.

The same guy that bombed WTC, fyi.