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ipfs sounds really interesting. haven't read much about it - what prevents a malicious node from attacking users?

like someone's node saying they have the website you're looking for, but they've added additional malicious code.

edit: oh cool i found this. they use immutable hashes for content.

though according to this person's explanation, you might have to check the hash yourself manually? doesn't seem like that would be hard to automate. couldn't you kick a node off the network if they have a different hash or just not connect users to that node if the hash doesn't match the content hash of what they're trying to access.

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Better than the censored Wikipedia article:

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ah so it uses blockchain. thanks for the better link. guess the guy in the article i posted misunderstood.

also why is the wikipedia article so lacking?

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IPFS does not use blockchain. It has neither blocks nor chains.