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And where do they head, north to free benefits.

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Only lower class Mexicans head north. Successful Mexicans stay in Mexico. And I will be heading south to Mexico to live in a free country with a functioning democracy.

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why not go to somalia instead? It's even more free....everyone has guns, every area has checkpoints with different factions and gangs...theyre super free from any type of government. Everyone answers to different warlords with different values and you cant get anything done without bribes. Fuck western civilization and federal governments, right? right? Riiight? lol

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Western civilization was great while it lasted, but it is dead now. I will move to a Mennonite area in north Mexico which is one of the last remnants of western civilization.

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i think it'll be totally great and you'll be so free. no institutions, no federal powers to protect you, no government. Just a bunch of crazed heterosexual males running around with guns raping and killing people. I think that's total freedom. We dont need no god damn federal powers. Dats some bullshit, yo. We should all aspire to be like the ghettos.

P.S. We know you were never really part of western civilization. Western civilization spits on you and it always did lol You lost the illusion that christianity and heterosexual male patriarchy was ever part of western civilization and when that fantasy became ruined for you, you became radicalized. We never wanted you. And you contributed nothing to the west.

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Please take the vaccine and as many boosters as possible. Your genes need to be purged.

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$6.8 billion dollars worth of research and having vaccines for 500 years, which is a defining feature of a 1st world country...or you and your hairy mom who couldnt finish highschool? HMMMM.

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I have a math degree from an Ivy League university, and my mother was a doctor. What are your qualifications?

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I have 16 Phd's from 18 Ivy League universities and my mom and 6 dads are all surgeons.

You certainly tricked me. I could have sworm all your statements were merely an expression of both economic and cultural poverty from a red, jesus freak state since they contradict science. Hmmmmm.