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This area is largely self-sufficient. It is still mostly farming. If the world collapsed, this area would do just fine.

If they can defend it.

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The Sinaloa gang can defend it just fine.

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    Obvious sarcasm, but I would encourage people of any race who have traditional western values to move there. In case you didn't know, Mexico has no shortage of Latinos. Most of them do not join the Mennonites because they don't have traditional western values.

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      Most Whites don't have traditional western values either these days.

      Those with traditional western values will generally be exceptions regardless of race. I am racially jewish. My father was part of the Hungarian upper class with almost no exposure to jewish culture. I have never supported a Democrat in my life.

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      Can I get a quick rundown of the degeneracy of the modern right, specifically the trumpism and alt-right you mentioned?

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      Trump is a degenerate narcissist with no religious conviction who actually bragged about having sex with other men's wives. I agree with the Old Testament, he should be stoned to death. And his followers are morons.

      The alt-right is obsessed with race at the expense of everything that really matters, namely religion, culture, morals, etc. They are worthless.

      No one on the modern right actually cares about the things that matter.

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      What's the girl situation like? Have you seen this documentary? Do the Mennonites have guns?

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      If you join a church, you can marry in the church. Otherwise the Christian women are off limits. But you can always date Mexicans.

      I saw that documentary but it is about Mormons, not Mennonites. Mormons are in a different area. Mennonites are non-violent. But there was no feeling of crime risk there.

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      Slightly off-topic, but are there any blonde-haired and Caucasian-looking girls in Mexico? How rare would they be there?

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      The Mennonites are blond. Otherwise blonds are rare.

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      If one were to join the church how hard would it be to get a wife? Do you need to be rich, established, etc? What is there to do for work? Do they have internet?

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      I think if you joined the church it would be easy to get a wife, but I am not sure. You would have to ask them. There is no work for unskilled people since they have an unlimited supply of Mexicans. You need a skill or work over the internet. They have internet.

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      How much of a community is there? I looked around on google maps and it looks very sparse. Do they have a town? About how many Mennonites are there?

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      It's hard to explain because it is very different from how America is organized. It definitely looks less sparse on the ground than on google maps. Colonia Vianna is a town that is surroounded by many small Mennonite settlements, and those Mennonites go to the town to shop. So the town has most of what one needs for daily life. I don't know the Mennonite population.

      My wife likes high-end shopping which isn't there. But they have a small private airport and I want to look into using private flights to go to the bigger cities which would solve this kind of thing.

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      This truly is the ideal place for a conservative exodus. But really hope that normal American scum don't move there.

      Most likely they won't. They are delusional and think America is exceptional and not subject to the forces of history. So they will not even bother to make the five-hour drive across the border for a better life. By the time they realize they're screwed, hopefully the US government finally will have finished building the wall to keep Americans penned in.

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      The Mennonites absolutely refuse to wear masks.

      I think this is an excellent litmus test of allegiance to satanic mainstream culture and government.

      If a Mexican store required masks, Mennonites simply wouldn't shop there. The result is that all stores are forced to accept people without masks.

      This is what all decent, self-respecting people should do. But since modern people are a mass of fearful, atomized slaves, they will submit to any indignity to get by.

      Of course the Mennonites also refuse the vaccine while the Mexicans eagerly get jabbed.

      The incredible thing is that so many people are eager to get jabbed. It's as if they know deep down that they are just cattle with no will of their own and are okay with that. When it is time for cattle to be herded, penned, branded, sheared, or slaughtered, they simply line up and submit to their owners' will.