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Heh I though frankism was a reference to the franklin(g?) thingie... before I read it.

Hmm yeah maybe. I'm not into personal cults, for the obvious reason of, well everything I try to preach.

That's also where (modern) Tantra-cults go wrong, the get a western following of 'woo-woo' people who think the (presumed) guru is god-like (instead of a teacher, and you don't FUCK the teacher ;)) and so on. But this is exact the thing 'cults'!

If the journey is inward, tell me , how the F&(&%% do you get into cults!? Money and sexual 'pleasure' (though this is debatable and I would be one of the front-runners to claim it's sex as Mc-Donalds is a hamburger).

BUT you can trace this also to political factions, corporate environments, (higher) education and you can sum up pretty much every 'group' you can imagine where these perverted hierarchies (sometimes, not always) rise up. It's power with a written or unwritten dictate of overwhelming authority.

[I didn't read it all, the article, but bookmarked it. It's more a historic thing than really of use in any esoteric practice, to delve into it for meaning: I do believe self fellatio is a better life goal]

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This Sabbatean Frankist cult was supposedly into pedophilia that's why I link them. They're tied forward in history to Khabbalah and probably backwards in history to the old Mystery Babylon stuff. Also crossover to the Templars. Someday I hope to dig into it.

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I like this (I'm not sure, like yourself) but it pins it down a WHOLE lot more. It's like zooming in on a castle of Sadam instead of saying 'Iraq has WMDs' you got a (highly) probable dick in sight.

If saidit was THE tool to knowlegde: You and mag7 would be the Guru's, you guide everyone through the steps of handling 'the saidit' for which you're appreciated and the role a guide/master/guru should have (you can point things out but the realisation has to come from within). But when you reach up my skirt or order me (or any other) to suck whatever you got down there you're a horny piece of shit which I wouldn't trust with flushing my shits.*

*Also other unearned authoritarian stuff. But you two) can be authoritarian when you explain how you use or how you percieve the code working for saidit. I could go "Aww man that's shit" but that dissagreement doesn't make you a piece of shit in anyway, in fact it would make me a piece of shit for calling you a piece of shit over that sort of disagreement. Now that whole dynamic (which hold a LOT more cases not discussed but you can conjure them up {Or is your conjure level not up to level :p }) is healthy but if You or mag7 got a rain tumor/injury it could easily change and all your (not saying you all are making a cult, this is {hypothetically} principles and your HC ({hardcore, why did I try to shortcut that anyway? :P}) following would change with your change... How (would) does that relate to the principle 'self/inward journey' that all of the occult ever was!?

It's (easy) to explain how one who 'traveled in the soul' has a better knowlegde of manipulating people, because we all start with the same firmware: just different hardware (though only the fuel/energy/consciousness is of the same source).

A cult is a scriptkiddie wrap: You gonna get busted (killed by your members or authority) and you didn't even know what you were copy/pasting.

I would recommend (and not as a go-to thing) taking these lyrics to the max of literacy:

[I do have more songs/media, but because Baphomet was already equated to Lucifer and all, I best keep back ;) You know Ghost, they are wholesome trolls!]

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The Franklin Scandal with George Bush Sr. and Reagan, among many other things - like Boystown.