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So are you denying there's occultists practicing ritual pedophilia and child sacrifice? I can dig up some victim testimonies and other evidence about it.

The Epstein case is probably not occult related, agreed.

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So are you denying there's occultists practicing ritual pedophilia and child sacrifice?

No and I would like to know how I gave that impression.

I'm denying 'the occult' is a bad thing as a definition and reaffirming my stance that it (the pedo thing) is a human problem: either sought after by themselves or pressured into by a group (and possibly guided by shady ass dogmatic texts).

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But it's a specific group doing this. Whatever name they go by is kind of irrelevant...

This isn't a "human problem" this is a "powerful people formed a secret society to control each other" problem

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You don't have to be elite/wealthy to rape children provided by organized crime, just book a ticket to Cambodia (for example).

I do agree (partially, as I don't see that as the whole problem) on the control part aka you (group) pressure someone into it to get dirt.

But that all, including the group pressuring in it, that's a better 'sniffing' out technique (aka the human condition via psychology/psychiatry) to seek these people out than to relate them to practices that deviate from the (yes I'm gonna say it) Catholic Church's guide lines for 'good' (and good being it's okay to rape/molest kids as long as you're clergy!)[Yes I know I did the Godwin of religions while other have the same problem (search for 'tantra' and you'll find a whole new eastern (inspired) rape culture)].

That's what I mean by "it's a human thing": It's not defined by esoteric readings nor 'weird' magic practices (which every practice in the 'east' is still for westerners, while it's mostly westerners raping child prostitues over there).

I'm trying to get across that defining this 'specific' group as just occult or 'whatever you wanna call the non-existent devil' is an empty lead, or at least one that's easily dodged.

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In Cambodia they have other control systems for their "civilizations" or they simply aren't "civil" about it and just enforce their monopoly on violence and exploitation via simpler direct methods in their culture.