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I think it's because they imported Jews from all the other countries they conquered and murdered them too.

Hungarian Jews, polish jews, italian jews, Romanian Jews (like ellie wiesel.)

Now they are all dead. Sad.

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They didn't typically "import." They just built death camps on occupied soil outside of Germany.

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It was about 200k. Which is a lot! They felt the need to lie, 6 million has religious significance, they worship Saturn the 6th planet.

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Because most of the Jews that Hitler had exterminated weren't German. In fact, over half of them were Polish.

What a sad irony for those Jews who fled Germany in the 1930s and resettled in Poland.

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the real question is if the USA had serious problems dealing with 500000 dead from covid in 2 years in 2022, how did Germany do it with no fuel during a war in 1943.

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there were jews all over Europe and all over the countries Hilter conquered. Easy answer. The nazis demanded the all the jews to get sent to nazis run concentration camps.

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The Holocaust, orchestrated by the Nazi regime during World War II, extended far beyond the borders of Germany. While it's true that the majority of German Jews had indeed emigrated before the war, Hitler's genocide targeted Jews across Europe, not just those within Germany.

The Nazis invaded and occupied numerous countries throughout Europe, where millions of Jews resided. Through a systematic campaign of persecution, ghettoization, forced labor, and mass killings in concentration camps, the Nazis were able to murder approximately six million Jews, along with millions of others deemed undesirable by their racist ideology, including Roma, disabled individuals, political dissidents, and others.

The Holocaust was a comprehensive and horrific event that involved not just direct killings but also starvation, disease, forced labor, and other forms of persecution. It's crucial to understand the full scope of the Holocaust, beyond just the numbers within Germany itself.

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jews a liars. it is the jews that destroyed the economy, introduced sexual degenaracy and pedophilia. and then they were suprised to be prosecuted for it. Now israel is #1 terrorsit country on the planet.

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jews a liars.

and so were the nazis, blaming the jews for all their problems.

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Jews caused all their problems, from usury to sexual degenaracy to child rape. We are facing the same issues Germany did. Blackrock, Vanguard, federal reserve, 99% of pornography business. Jews own them and spreading lies trhough the media they own. The solution to the jew problem is the same and it is coming.

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Here is what will happen when we will get rid of jews: 1. No Debt. You are not paying the majority of your future wealth to usurious bankers. 2. You are able to raise a family on one income. Your wife can stay home and raise kids and in fact is financially rewarded for doing so. 3. There is little crime. It is safe to walk the streets at night so you have ACTUAL freedom. 4. Others around you have similar altruistic beliefs and a common moral incentive to help each other. 5. There are many jobs and you are paid well no matter your social status or education. All work contributions including manual labor are valued. 6. Your infrastructure is expanding rapidly increasing your quality of life and the general beauty of your world. You can get places faster and you have more free time. 7. You have more vacation time each year. You have very nice places to go on your vacations including the world's first dedicated leisure cruise ships and they are very affordable.

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One of my friends is a jew.

Why should he and many other unaffiliated normal jews die in a gas chamber because of the shit a few rich jews do? This psychotic ideology is the same kind of vindictive collective guilt that reparations groups push on us.

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Noone is talking about gas chambers or executions. Jews must be removed from any political party that are not in Israel - that is a must. In fact anyone that has a dual citizenship must be removed from the politics of the country they are not commited to. So far, it is ONLY jews in politics, that admit that even if they are polittinas in any other country than israel, their priority is Israel. That is a treason.

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Losers blame all their problems on Jews.